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discount rims and wheels
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Tales from the Bottom - Traveling the White Rim Road
Tales from the Bottom - Traveling the White Rim Road
Have you ever been? ...Well if not, let me tell you that what looks like a nice Sunday drive from the top, is a treacherous roller coaster of a ride that no sane person should drive on a good day, let alone in monsoon season! The signs say it's a 20 hour 4x4 road 100 miles long. 20 hours to go only 100 miles??!!! NEVER. (At least that's what I thought) The truth is, I have never been on a more treacherous adventure in my entire life. See that wall of rock in the background? Well, to travel the White Rim Road, you have to descend down that face on muddy narrow one-lane switchbacks that wind so tightly you can barely make the turn... and that's the easy part! The rest of the trip you're either going straight up, straight down, or inches from a 1,000+ ft. vertical drop over loose gravel, wash areas and mud so deep you can't see the tires. More tales from this adventure to come, but suffice it to say I paid for these images dearly, enjoyed every moment that I wasn't holding my breath, and saw some of the most amazing scenery on the planet! :-)
Cottonwood Campground, North Rim
Cottonwood Campground, North Rim
Long exposure shot at Cottonwood campground, just below the North Rim. This is actually a photo of where the North Rim lodge is (I'll add a note for it). Here are the picture settings: Camera: D700 Lens: 35mm f2D ISO: 200 Aperture: 7.1 Shutter: 937 seconds, or 15 minutes, and 37 seconds.

discount rims and wheels