Aluminum wheels for trailers : Two wheel balancing scooter.

Aluminum Wheels For Trailers

aluminum wheels for trailers
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aluminum wheels for trailers - Alcoa 16x7"
Alcoa 16x7" Aluminum Trailer Wheel with Accesories (9/16" Studs)
Alcoa 16x7" Aluminum Trailer Wheel with Accesories (9/16" Studs)
Equip your trailer with Alcoa 16 x 7-inch forged aluminum wheels, the brightest, highest load-rated 16-inch wheels around. Available exclusively from the leader in heavy duty aluminum trailer wheels, the Alcoa Classic 16 x 7-inch wheel carries a maximum load rating of 3,500 pounds at 110 PSI. Weighing in at just 19 pounds, this wheel offers the highest load rating of any forged wheel its size in the industry. That's the kind of strong performance you want under your trailer, whether you're pulling horses, a boat, a race car or other valuable cargo. One-piece hot forged strength. Alcoa's one-piece design eliminates welds that concentrate stress where fatigue cracks can start. Forging aligns the metal grain in a uniform direction along the contours of the wheel, enhancing strength.

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aluminum cans for cancer
aluminum cans for cancer
When signs are worded like this I wonder how the sign could be made more clear, so that it would sound like the can are being collected to fight cancer, not support it. I think "Aluminum Cans to Fight Cancer" might do it. But I'm being picky about the whole thing. If the money raised from collecting cans helps find a cure for cancer, more power to everyone involved.
Aluminum Wheel
Aluminum Wheel
Five star aluminum wheel specifically designed for trailer service and steel belted trailer service radial tires.

aluminum wheels for trailers