Discount Gold Necklace : Cubic Zirconia White Gold Wedding Bands.

Discount Gold Necklace

discount gold necklace
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discount gold necklace - 10k Yellow
10k Yellow Gold Journey Circle Diamond Pendant Necklace (HI, SI3-I1, 0.25carat)
10k Yellow Gold Journey Circle Diamond Pendant Necklace (HI, SI3-I1, 0.25carat)
10k Yellow Gold Journey Circle Diamond Pendant Necklace (HI, SI-I, 0.25carat)

This elegant and gorgeous Journey Diamond Pendant is beautifully rendered in 10k gold and studded with sparkling icy white diamonds. It dangles charmingly from a shimming gold chain. Journey Diamond Pendant is the most ideal diamond jewelry for celebrating a beautiful moment for yourself and your love one. The beautiful memory and the value of the diamonds will always be carried on forever --- from Present to the Future!!

Adult Signature Required upon delivery. Please arrange an eligible recipient at home to receive your order. Thank you!!!

77% (17)
Outfit Detail
Outfit Detail
My name (Leilani) means 'heavenly flower' in Hawaiian... I grew up in Maui, Hawa'ii (though my family moved to Arkansas when I was 12). Surprisingly hibiscus bushes grow in regions where I wouldn't expect them to thrive, like my neighborhood in Chicago and right outside my parents' home in Fayetteville, Arkansas (where the above picture was taken). The dress I'm wearing is most likely a house dress as it has hip pockets but when worn belted looks pretty enough to be worn around town. I bought it, along with 5 other house/shift dresses at a stoop sale in my neighborhood about a month ago. They're all made of lightweight cotton, hit a bit above the knee and are perfect for humid summer weather. At $3 each they were also a bargain. 1960s dress-- Stoop Sale, West Town, Chicago Belt-- Children's Hospital Thrift, Los Angeles 1960s/70s Sarah Coventry Necklace--Memphis thrift store Goldtone starburst pendant-- Pasadena Community College flea market Wicker & 'pearl' purse-- Springdale, Arkansas thrift store Shoes-- Discount store in Madison, Wisconsin
Family Birthstone Necklace in solid 14K gold
Family Birthstone Necklace in solid 14K gold
I have been planning for this for a while, but I'm finally actually doing it now..I will be placing an order on 14K solid gold wire and chain in September to get them ready for the holiday.A few designs in my shop are already available in solid 14K gold, so I'm just going to expand the selection to my popular family birthstone necklaces.If you are interested in pre-ordering them before they are posted, I will be offering my facebook fans, twitter followers,blog readers,and mailing list subscribers 20% discount, so please keep an eye on my updates containing the coupon code! Can't wait? -- contact me directly! mollie xo

discount gold necklace
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