18k Italian Gold Jewelry

18k italian gold jewelry
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18k italian gold jewelry - 14k Yellow
14k Yellow Gold Italian Mariner Chain Necklace (5mm), 20"
14k Yellow Gold Italian Mariner Chain Necklace (5mm), 20"
The magnificent 14k Yellow Gold Italian Chain Necklace encompasses a bold, nautical-inspired look. This gorgeous, timeless chain features interlocking mariner links that lay comfortably with a lobster-claw clasp. This classic chain incorporates the quality and sophistication that is well-known by Italian jewelers. The mariner-link chain incorporates some of the design and fine-craftsmanship practices that were inspired by Egyptian, Greek and Asian culture, discovered centuries ago during the Etruscan period in Sothern Italy. The 5mm width makes this 20-inch chain a wonderful pairing with a variety of pendants or as a stand-alone necklace.

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3-Row Pearl Necklace
3-Row Pearl Necklace
The clasp on the above picture is pretty much identical to the clasp of the "18K Yellow Gold Italian Coral Beads Necklace" which I am selling. I just wanted to demonstrate the uniqueness of the clasp as it can be used for coral beads or cultured pearls or other beads as the above image shows. The next picture is the 9.9MM "3-Row Cultured Pearl Uniform Necklace with Diamonds" which again can be used with the clasp.
Lions Heads-Italian Enamel (#57)
Lions Heads-Italian Enamel     (#57)
Italian 18K yellow gold fine enamel cufflinks by Frascorola c 1960-1970. Frascorola was a fine Italian Jewelry designer who was primarily in mens accessories. he got into debt to the tune of $ 250,000 dollars, but even worse he owed the Italian Mafia much more money that he could not or would not repay. He apparently jumped out of the 50th floor of a building.

18k italian gold jewelry
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