Melting Scrap Gold

melting scrap gold
    scrap gold
  • The broad term for any gold which is sent back to a refiner or processor for recycling.
  • Change (something) to a liquid condition by heating it
  • Melt something, esp. a metal article, so that the material it is made of can be used again
  • liquescent: becoming liquid
  • (melt) reduce or cause to be reduced from a solid to a liquid state, usually by heating; "melt butter"; "melt down gold"; "The wax melted in the sun"
  • Become liquefied by heat
  • thaw: the process whereby heat changes something from a solid to a liquid; "the power failure caused a refrigerator melt that was a disaster"; "the thawing of a frozen turkey takes several hours"
melting scrap gold - Electronic Scale
Electronic Scale and 10-piece Filing Set for Scrap Gold Hobby, Melting, Jewelry Repair
Electronic Scale and 10-piece Filing Set for Scrap Gold Hobby, Melting, Jewelry Repair
Measure the weight of your scrap jewellery, coins, gold bars, silver antiques, and more. Files enable you to cut into pieces and confirm they are solid. The DigiWeigh 100 gram scale enables you to choose from Grams (g), Ounces (oz), Carats (ct), Grains (gr/gn). Scale Capacity/Accuracy: 100/0.01 g, 3.527/0.0005 oz, 500/0.05 ct, 1542.8/0.2 gr. That's right... weigh up to 3 and a half ounces at once! Perfect for 1 oz bars and coins, and most scrap jewelry pieces. Excellent value on these professional tools.

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Honest Abe
Honest Abe
- The U.S. one-cent coin is 0.748031 inches in diameter (less than three-quarters of an inch) and weighs 0.0881849 ounces. - The composition of the penny is 97.5 percent zinc and 2.5 percent copper. - There have been 11 different designs featured on the penny. - The U.S. Mint produces more than 13 billion pennies annually. - There are more than 130 billion one-cent coins currently in circulation. - Since its beginning, the U.S. Mint has produced more than 288.7 billion pennies. Lined up edge to edge, these pennies would circle the earth 137 times. - The average penny lasts 25 years. - Sometimes a penny is worth more than a penny. If you think you're seeing double, save that coin. A 1955 penny has a "double-die date." In uncirculated condition -- not a blemish on it -- it's worth about $27,000. Even in less than perfect condition it'll fatten your bank account to the tune of $570. - An average of 1,040 pennies are produced every second, adding up to 30 million a day. - During its early penny-making years, the U.S. Mint was so short on copper that it accepted copper utensils, nails and scrap from the public to melt down for the coins. - The Lincoln penny was the first U.S. coin to feature a historic figure. President Abraham Lincoln has been on the penny since 1909, the 100th anniversary of his birth. - The Lincoln penny was the first cent on which appeared the words, "In God We Trust." - More than two-thirds of all coins produced by the U.S. Mint are pennies. Source: Americans for Common Cents
Under the Sea - May Challenge
Under the Sea - May Challenge
I made the sea weed from scrap sterling that was cuttle bone cast, melted scrap 14K gold into balls and added them, the 3 mm facted emerald is flush set at the bottom. The sea horse was made from wire fused to 22g sheet, the face is granulated and fused, the body is grandulated and the fin is recitulated. The eye is a silver ball, however it was supposed to be a flush set ruby, but, the metal had other ideas and after much frustration decided on the silver ball.

melting scrap gold
melting scrap gold
PuriTEST Complete Set Acid Test Kit with Electronic Scale, Accessories & More- Gold Silver Platinum Tester
This complete kit enables you to test a wide range of precious metals, over a wide range of purity levels. You will receive one bottle each of 10k solution, 14k solution, 18k solution, 22k solution, silver solution, and platinum solution--each bottle contains 1/2 fluid ounce (0.50 fl oz); also one (1) pro stone, and a DigiWeigh 600BX digital scale--perfect for weighing scrap jewelry, coins, bars, small postal shipments, and more; enables you to weigh Grams (g), Ounces (oz), Troy Ounces (ozt), and Pennyweight (dwt). Scale includes manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty. Use gold and silver bars for test demonstration/practice, or as investment. The 5 grains (gr) and 1/10gr samples are solid; the 5 gram (g) sample is layered with 24k-pure gold. Excellent gift idea. All Acids guaranteed fresh. Instructions provided.

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