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Gold Electroplate On

gold electroplate on
    gold electroplate
  • (Gold Electroplating) The process by which electrolytic deposition is done. Another words the process in which gold usually of 10k or more be fitted around any object.
  • Process by which 24 karat gold is deposited on another metal electrolytically. The plating must be at least seven millionths of an inch thick.
  • A layer of 14k gold or 18k gold, at least 7 mils in thickness, plated over a base metal. One mil = 1/1000th of an inch.
gold electroplate on - Jewelry -
Jewelry - Love on Fire CZ Ring SZ 7
Jewelry - Love on Fire CZ Ring SZ 7
This delightful fashion jewelry piece exudes young chic and funky style with its its multicolored high quality CZ stones. The Garnet CZ- filled heart is surrond by 14 K electroplated finishing band. This CZ ring will be your lifetime favorite.

Ring Details:

Color Type: Gold Tone
Metal Type: Brass
Plating: 14 Gold Electroplate and Ruthenium
Height: 11mm
Length: 28mm
Width: 23mm
Weight: 15.60gm
Back Setting: Closed

Center Stone Information:

Center Stone Type: CZ
Center Stone Quantity: Multiple
Carat Size: 0.031
Center Stone Size: 2mm
Center Stone Cut: Round
Center Stone Setting: Channel
Stone Color: Topaz

Side Stone Information:

Side Stone Type: CZ
Side Stone Quantity: Multiple
Side Stone Carat: 0.031
Side Stone Size: 2mm
Side Stone Cut: Round
Side Stone Setting: Pave
Side Stone Color: Garnet

78% (14)
IMG 8830 - Neoball Green vs Zen Magnets
IMG 8830 - Neoball Green vs Zen Magnets
Green (left) Zen Magnets (right) Distinctive difference ... can mix together Multi colored magnet spheres have long been sought, but for the first time is such a resilient and fade-free color coating available. The spotlight is on our spankin' new NeoPolymer color coating that brings a completely different experience from standard metal coatings. It's a completely new feel. Warmer to initial touch, softer contact sound, and colors that don't fade. The matte texture diffuses reflections, but is still slippery smooth to the touch. Click on the images to inspect them close-up. Our proprietary NeoPolymer coating is completely different from the typical electroplating process used to coat magnets metal on to magnets. It is stronger and thinner than vehicle paints (which are actually some of the strongest paints around.) But is still soft compared to metal coatings. NeoPolymer won't withstand high speed impacts, or rough kneading. However if you're reasonably gentle, the coating may last a lifetime. The looser tolerances won't affect smaller builds, but load bearing frames can be strengthened with use of tighter tolerance magnets.
24K Onieda Goldware Set for 12 - $425
24K Onieda Goldware Set for 12 - $425
GORGEOUS ONIEDA 24K GOLD DINNER WARE Includes Place Setting for 12 + Serving Pieces + Chest This beautiful set of gold electroplated flatware in perfect condition. Most of the pieces have never been used. Comes in a McGraw Box Company’s Tarnish Proof Two-Level Mahogany Chest. The chest is in excellent condition on the inside. The mahogany outside has a few minor scratches and marks from age and storage, and is included with the flatware at no extra charge. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Place Setting for 12 Includes: -Dinner Knife -Salad/Dessert Fork -Dinner Fork -Teaspoon -Soup/Dessert Spoon 14 Serving Pieces Includes: -2 Pierced Serving Spoons -2 Cold Meat or Vegetable Serving Forks -2 Serving Table Spoons -1 Gravy Ladle -2 Dessert Servers - 2 Large Serving Spoons -1 Sugar Spoon -2 Butter Knives ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Phone: (949) 235-8088 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

gold electroplate on
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