Tire Pressure Law

tire pressure law
    tire pressure
  • Cold inflation pressure is the inflation pressure of tires before the car is driven and the tires warmed up. Recommended cold inflation pressure is displayed on the owner's manual and on the placard (or sticker) attached to the vehicle door edge, pillar, glovebox door or fuel filler flap.
  • The manufacturer's recommended pressure for a tire, dependent on load, speed, etc., usually given in bar or pound-force per square inch (psi). (1.8 bar = 26 psi; 2 bar = 29 psi; 2.2 bar = 32 psi; 2.4 bar = 35 psi; 2.7 bar = 39 psi)
  • The measure of air pressure within a race tire.
  • the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for the law"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order"
  • An individual rule as part of such a system
  • The system of rules that a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and may enforce by the imposition of penalties
  • legal document setting forth rules governing a particular kind of activity; "there is a law against kidnapping"
  • a rule or body of rules of conduct inherent in human nature and essential to or binding upon human society
  • Such systems as a subject of study or as the basis of the legal profession

'Toward Badrinath - 1961'
'Toward Badrinath - 1961'
LIVING DIVINITY – AnanthaRaman’s Talk Talk given by Prof Anantharaman in Swami's Presence on 19th October 2004 Respected elders, brothers and sisters and my young friends. During a very significant speech in 1981, Swami spoke about the 'eight flowers of worship'. Out of these He said that Ahimsa, non-violence, is the most important. Swami's concept of Ahimsa is far beyond the connotations of not causing physical harm. His concept of Ahimsa is not causing harm in word, thought and deed! I would like to commence today with an offering of such a flower at the Feet of our Lord. Albert Einstein, the famous physicist, was once asked whether it is possible for him to explain Divinity in scientific terms. He said that it is conceivable but it would make no sense; it would be like explaining Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in the form of an air pressure curve. We have the same kind of a problem in speaking about Bhagavan's Divinity. The Living Divinity cannot be explained in metaphors or examples; the limited cannot comprehend the unlimited; no form can contain it; the wayward cannot measure the stable; or the now measure the ever. We can only repeat the words of Sir Isaac Newton who said after enunciating the principle of gravity "I feel like a little boy playing with the pebbles on the seashore while the ocean of Truth lay all undiscovered before me". Bhagavantham tells the story of how in the early years Swami once materialised a beautiful sapphire and stuck it on the statue of Shirdi Sai next to him. Bhagavantham was not only a staunch devotee but also a renowned scientist. The scientist in him wondered how the sapphire stood there without any ostensible means of support defying all laws of gravity. He started chuckling to himself, "Here I am accepting the principle miracle of the creation of a sapphire and I am questioning the secondary miracle of the sapphire defying the laws of gravity. Surely one who creates matter can also transcend the laws of matter." A Malaysian devotee once told me the story of how 20 miles from Prashanti Nilayam his car stopped for want of gas. This was his first visit to Prashanti Nilayam and it was late evening. He was naturally concerned; he prayed to Swami, "Swami, make this car move forward to Prashanti Nilayam this evening." He prayed, asked the driver to start, and the engine stuttered and they started moving to Prashanti Nilayam. Next day the grateful devotee told Swami at Darshan time, "Swami thank you for the Grace of moving this car to Prashanti Nilayam without gas." Swami looked at him and said, "But that was not your only problem." Puzzled he went back, filled gas in the car, started the engine and turned the wheel. The wheel just locked and a mechanic was brought who found out that there was a broken tie-rod end. There was no way this car could have travelled 20 miles with or without gas. How many of us have travelled in cars with our broken tie-rod ends fixed unbeknown to us by this cosmic welder. On this forum, several devotees in the last few days have shared their experiences of Swami. Each one of us have received this benediction from Swami if only we know where to look for it. Some of these we know; many like the Malaysian devotee we do not know at all. Howard Murphet, whose books have brought more foreign devotees to Swami than any other writer, calls all these 'parables in action'. Whenever Swami materialises something, blows into something and creates something else or cures an affliction, He is in fact demonstrating these 'parables in action'. Their purpose is not to make us richer, or to cure an affliction but to demonstrate to us and instruct us in the science of being and in the art of living through the demonstration of His Omniwill. I would like to share with you one such parable, one of many that I was privileged to have. I would like to share with you not the experience but the education behind the experience - it was like learning at the Feet of Divinity. As an international corporate citizen, I had moved from country to country and finally moved from continent to continent. As the story I am about to tell has a lot of political implications, I seek your indulgence not to name the country where this took place as some of the people involved are still alive today. This country was a totalitarian military state and had had 3 major coups. There were 3 ethnic groups in the country - Muslims with political clout; Christians with economic strength; and tribal leaders who had their own axe to grind. Because of recent struggles there was a distrust of foreigners, particularly Asians. There was no constitution in this country and there was complete anarchy. I had heard of friends who had been taken away in the middle of the night and were never heard of since. There were summary executions - this was the order of the day. You could see bodies tied to automobile tyres and set fire to at the end of the stre
Music Teacher Injected with Unknown Drugs Lost His Memory for Seven Years
Music Teacher Injected with Unknown Drugs Lost His Memory for Seven Years
Name: Fu Yao (??) Gender: Male Age: Around 49 Occupation: Music teacher Date of Most Recent Arrest: February 24, 2004 Most Recent Place of Detention: Harbin No. 1 Specialized Hospital Neurology Department (??????????) City: Harbin Province: Heilongjiang Persecution Suffered: Brainwashing, illegal sentencing, beatings, imprisonment, torture, physical restraint, detention, denial of restroom use, sleep deprivation, forced labor, forced injections of psychotropic drug(s), detained at a mental hospital, home ransacked, interrogation, deprived of water and food, dismissal from job, salary suspended (Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Fu Yao, a music teacher at Nongfeng Middle School in Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province, was persecuted several times by the communist regime for practicing Falun Gong. The police rounded him up using firearms in 2002. He was arrested again in 2004, taken to a mental hospital, and injected with unknown drugs. Much of his memory was lost for seven years. His wife was sentenced to prison. Pressured by having to make a living for herself, their daughter got married before she was 17 years old. Torture re-enactment: Injected with unknown drugs After he regained part of his memory Mr. Fu was able to describe his ordeals: The riot police of Harbin City Police Department arrested me; my wife, Chen Yunxia; and my daughter, Fu Di, and took us to Shuangcheng Xinhe Hotel to be interrogated on April 22, 2002. During the interrogation, they tortured us to try to force us to sign a “confession” that practicing Falun Gong was criminal. They lashed my back and the soles of my feet with a leather belt, broke and pinched my wife's fingers with a bamboo instrument of torture, and insulted her and my minor daughter with vulgar language. The three of us were tortured from noon until 5:00 p.m., when we were taken to Shuangcheng No. 2 Detention Center. Later, I was taken to Wanjia Forced Labor Camp in Harbin. I was not allowed to go to the restroom or drink water and was not given enough to eat. They put my quilt in the cellar and let me have it back at night. The quilt got so wet that I could squeeze water out of it. It was biting cold; having the quilt was worse than not having the quilt. I couldn't sleep for six days and nights. Meanwhile, I had to do slave labor, which was tired my eyes, and I had to attend the running training. Both my body and heart suffered from the physical and mental torture. I was transferred to Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp six days later. The guards there used worse forms of torture. They shaved the heads of Falun Gong practitioners and forced nine of us to take off all our clothes and crouch in a row. They then ordered other inmates to pour buckets of cold water over our heads. The strongest person can endure 20 buckets of water. Usually, less than 20 buckets would make people faint from the cold. Those who were weak might never wake up again. This is one of the most malevolent forms of torture invented by Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp. People tortured to death like this won't have any marks on their body. There are a total of five divisions in this camp. In the No. 1 Division, Li Jinhua is the head; Yang Jintang is the political head; and the guards are Xue Yuan, Qiang Shengguo, etc. The directors of the labor camp are Shi Changjin and Shi Yingbai. The head of the education section is Li Weixing. The head of the No. 4 Division is Hao Wei, and the political head is Wang Yuou. The head of the No. 5 Division is Zhao Shuang. When I arrived there, several practitioners were already locked up in small cells. To my knowledge, practitioners Zhang Tao and Zhang Xiangfu were persecuted to death. Everyday, the guards forced us to watch videos slandering Falun Gong and to write articles against Falun Gong. Sixteen months later, I left the labor camp on August 25, 2003. My wife was sentenced to three years of prison and detained in Heilongjiang Women's Prison. My daughter couldn't go to school because she was persecuted there. The school where I had worked stopped my salary. Due to the pressures of life, my daughter got married even before she reached the age of 17. I lived alone at the school. The school didn't allow me to teach. I had to sound the night watches for 200 yuan per month. When I was having lunch at my father's home on February 24, 2004, Xu Huanwei, the head of Nongfeng Police Station; Fu Xingmin, the headmaster of Nongfeng Middle School; and others came in and arrested me and took me to Harbin No. 1 Specialized Hospital, which is a mental hospital. Four people used force to tie me onto a bed. Long Ying, a female doctor, injected me with an unknown drug. Soon after, I lost consciousness and was not aware of anything. When I regained consciousness, much of my past memory was lost. I was treated as a psychotic patient and locked in a dark room with an iron gate and a window. Everyday, Doctor Long gave me injections against my will, and the nurse forced me to take drugs. I to

tire pressure law
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