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18 Inch Truck Tires

18 inch truck tires
  • an automotive vehicle suitable for hauling
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  • Barter or exchange
  • hand truck: a handcart that has a frame with two low wheels and a ledge at the bottom and handles at the top; used to move crates or other heavy objects
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Toyota FJ Cruiser, Irok Super Swamper 39 inch tires [Corel X4]
Toyota FJ Cruiser, Irok Super Swamper 39 inch tires [Corel X4]
4/7/11. Portland. Nikon Coolpix S8000. Handheld. My first photoshop with my new Corel PaintShop Pro X4 I downloaded this morning (9/18/11) = One step noise removal. Minimal horizontal straightening. Chrome with original color: Flaws 4, Brightness 20. Magic Wand for rims: red 100%. Magic Wand for roof rack: zero color (black).
Chevy Aluminum Step Van
Chevy Aluminum Step Van
I found this truck in a junk yard near the Mason-Dixon line. It had no drive shaft or carburetor and a nest in the intake manifold. Once I got that squared away, it ran, drove and stopped great. I did replace one tire. It is an oddball 18? inch or something.

18 inch truck tires
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