18 inch kids bike. Cannondale quick 6 bike 2011.

18 Inch Kids Bike

18 inch kids bike
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Shining (100/365)
Shining (100/365)
Today, we went for a walk in Wareham Forest with the older kids on their bikes and Mini Me asleep initially. Once he'd woken up, he found his feet running and spent ages charging around in an amusing wobbly way! I took my camera (oh, really? How unusual!) - I packed my 5Dmk2 with 35L attached, and took the 17-40L thinking I might get a chance to position the camera and take some bike skid/jump shots (that didn't happen). I also took my 430EX and an RF602 Tx and Rx so I could trigger the flash off camera. I've not really done much of this, but I initially played with the flash for fill, holding at arms length to the side (generally camera left as I'm right handed). The sun was so bright today that I didn't really notice much fill even at half or full power. When we were nearly back to the car, I thought I'd play with reducing the ambient light. I stuck the camera on f/18 and 1/200s and used the flash on either 1/2 or 1/1 power. The distance from the subject becomes really critical. A few inches too near and the highlights blow, and a few inches back and it's too dark. This shot is a content one again - Oz was fascinated with the flash and the fact that it went off all on it's own (it was on the ground at this point), hence his excited look. As usual, lots to learn, but I'm enjoying this off-camera flash playing - it opens up loads of new ways of taking shots.
Little Switzerland Tunnel
Little Switzerland Tunnel
The tunnel was constructed in the 1950s in metamorphic rock, and for most of the length is unlined, supported only by rock bolts and chain link mesh. One section, about 100-ft long, required initial support by means of steel ribs, and has an 18-inch thick concrete liner for permanent support. It is 542 feet in length, 19 feet 8 inches in height. Milemarker 333.1 My son and I pulled our bikes off the side of the road to get this shot. I carried the camera in a sweatshirt inside my tank bag for convenience, although it was a pain to stop and start, but it was worth it. I had entertained purchasing a camera mount for the handlebars but was told that a divorce from the wife and kids would follow; will work on it!

18 inch kids bike
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