Silver polishing tools. Cheap 925 sterling silver. William rogers silver marks

Silver Polishing Tools

silver polishing tools
  • (polished) perfected or made shiny and smooth; "his polished prose"; "in a freshly ironed dress and polished shoes"; "freshly polished silver"
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silver polishing tools - Silver Polish
Silver Polish Polishing Fabulustre Cloth Jewelers Rouge
Silver Polish Polishing Fabulustre Cloth Jewelers Rouge
Fabulustre Fine Metal Polishing Cloth. This super high quality polishing cloth is actually TWO polishing cloths, attached together at one edge. Each half of this double cloth measures a generous 10 inches by 10 inches. The inner, red cloth is impregnated with professional Jeweller's Rouge, a compound that cleans and removes tarnish from gold, silver & other metals like magic. The outer, yellow cloth protects the hands, and buffs metal to a "like-new" shine, with its harmless micro-abrasives. Directions for use: Articles to be cleaned should be perfectly dry. Rub surface with rouge cloth first, then brighten by using outer cloth. Do not wash the cloth! Good until worn to shreds. Quantity: 1 Fabulustre double polishing cloth.

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3/3/11 Silver Bondage Ring TADA365 No:83 & RAW52 No:8
3/3/11 Silver Bondage Ring TADA365 No:83 & RAW52 No:8
I had the length of silver in the house on the table by my day-bed. (I always have pieces of metal and other bits and pieces and my 'inside tool bag' so I can work inside when I don't feel too well.) I was playing around with it and got it into this really funky shape. It is to be worn on the little finger and should enclose the entire finger in a coil. It feels fabulous to wear. The silver is thin enough for the metal to bend as your finger bends. The finish was achieved with a light sanding with emery papers and down through the six polishing papers. Once this was done, the ring was brushed with my 'magic brush' to give the ring a satin finish - it has fibre-glass bristles. You have to brush in water in case bits of the bristles fly off.
what I'm working on
what I'm working on
Making rolled bails tonight out of silver and copper while watching CSI. I'm experimenting with different sizes and techniques. These still need to be cleaned up and polished before attaching. (That tumbler was a very very wise investment.) And yes, I know there is an easier way for the silver ones than cutting them by hand. (Smacks self on forehead for not thinking about it and ordering strip sooner.) But these were cut from the silver sheet they are resting on in this picture. I needed practice sawing anyway. I'm really liking the look and the cost of the copper. Just need to address the tarnish issue. And those bail pliers..... yummmm.... wouldn't be without them.

silver polishing tools
silver polishing tools
Hagerty 15010 Silversmiths' Gloves 1 Pair, Medium
Silversmiths' gloves prevent tarnish with R-22 tarnish preventative. The effortless method that keeps silver shining brightly and tarnish free. Simply wipe light tarnish away with these specially treated gloves, made of durable, heavy-gauge terry cloth. Your hands stay unsoiled while the gloves replenish your silver and other fine metals' patina and help prevent tarnish. Even safe for use on 24 karat gold. They will remove tarnish and at the same time affix a tarnish-proof barrier on your silver. If the tarnish streaks while using the gloves, you may wash them. Do not use a fabric softener when washing the gloves. Use Hagerty Dry Silver Polish to recondition the Silversmiths' Gloves.