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13.8.2012 - New Site Affiliations

In interest of keeping costs down and maintaining healthy profit margins for the glorious Jurain Empire, The Ayeka Fan Club is now outsourcing its Message Board to UselessTenchi.org which is up to date and nicely frequented, pictures of Ayeka to Tenchi's Girls Deviant Art Group, and casual banter to Tenchi's Girls Facebook Group. Worship her Majesty, the Glorious and Eternal Queen, Ayeka Masaki Masaki Jurai, at these locations and you shall be safe, for now.

15.May.2012 - Announcement from Princess Ayeka: Club under a new Miss Management.

Ayeka knocked on the temple doors. "Hello?" The doors swung open without complaint. She walked into the empty place, "Hello?" Nothing. "Ooh, where is that mutt, what's its name?" She scrunched up her face in thought but gave up. Knowing the name of her minions was never that important. What was was the fact that this temple was empty. Halls filled with her statues and portraits were dusty and the altar lay barren. "Hello?" She wandered from room to room. Where were all her worshippers? Even her gown had gathered slight dust.

A flash of movement caught her eye. "Hello?" But it flashed by the corner too quickly for her to fully see. She followed where she thought it went. She went from one corridor to the next, or from one room to the next, always finding nothing, about to give up until that blur reappeared right outside the periphery of her sight. This generally kept reoccurring until she was back to the temple doors.

Sighing, she opened the doors and intended to leave, this temple was abandoned, until she came face to face with a teal blue haired girl with pale skin and an intense stare from her blue eyes. "Ayeka-hime?"

"Y-yes?" The princess stuttered and caught herself and raised her posture up, showing no more surprise. "You're one of my worshippers, no doubt."

The blue haired girl nodded dumbly and blushed. After a while from Ayeka's questioning gaze, she replied, "I sometimes stop by the building out of nostalgia."

"Nostalgia? Tell me what happened?" the princess demanded. She drew back from the cold and turned around, gingerly stepping backing into the building. After several steps, she noted sourly that she wasn't being followed. She reopened the door and snapped at the waiting girl. "Well, what are you waiting for, an official invitation?"

The girl put her face down and nodded. "Yes, in a matter of speaking, I have to."

"You're not a vampire, are you?" Aeka's muttered, she read this storyline before, and while the girl shook her head, a slowly spreading smile baring her canines did not help her nerves. "Very well, come in." The girl cheered and rushed her into a hug. "Er, well, yes." Ayeka grimaced and pushed the enthusiastic girl away as gently as she could.

"Oh, sorry. I thought since your Majesty let Ziggy under her dress, it would be no big deal..." She pointed at Ayeka's feet.

Ayeka followed and her gaze went down to see a green scaly tail and body with the head disappear under the cloth. "Eeek!" She danced around a bit and kicked the lizard. It ran as a blur around the corner. "You scoundrel! If you don't come back here this instant I will have you put to death!"

The creature peered around the corner but didn't seem too want to brave the Jurain's fury. Ayeka growled and the power in the air picked up, lightning crackled among the miniature logs that appeared. Looking fearful, the creature checked out other escape routes before hesitantly coming forward and sitting itself down before the two.

Ayeka eyed it, it had the body of an iguana with a head more closely resembling one of the monsters from the godzilla movies she seen on TV back in the Masaki home. "What is that thing?"

"It's an ick lizard," Jibril supplied nonchalantly. "It's name is Zigra."

"And what were you doing Zigra?" Ayeka asked rhetorically.

"I was looking up your dress," the ick lizard replied without much fuss.

Ayeka's eyebrow twitched and she clenched her teeth. "Does the creature have any redeeming character traits before I blast it to pieces?"

"He is a fan of yours, your majesty," Jibril hastily said. "And the temple does need all the followers it can get..."

"Actually," Zigra corrected, "I'm a bigger fan of your mom and sister. They're hot, you're just above okay..." Ayeka huffed. "...and I was checking to see if your carpet matched your drapes. I was disappointed to find out the hairs peeking out from your panties are purple too. Quite frankly, you should kept your hair blue..."

A miniature log appeared next to him and zapped the lizard with a massive dose of electricity. It's shrieked and jumped up onto the ceiling where it remained clinging.

"He does have a different type of charm," Jibril sighed.

"A nonexistent type," Ayeka muttered but before she could deliver a second shot, a flash of light dazzled her eyes. "What..." She fluttered her eyelids to regain some sight, "was that?" Another flash but she tilted her head. She saw a boy with a camera and a T-shirt with a penguin on it with the katakana Pen Pen. He took another photo and another. "Can you stop that?"

"Oui." he answered and continued.

"I said stop!" the Princess ordered in her most commanding tone.

"Oui." he answered and continued.

"I wish I had a camera when I was under her dress," Zigra lamented from above.

Supercharged logs appeared in all directions. Jibril shouted, "Gaston, Ayeka won't give you any of her photos with Sasami if you keep doing that!"

"Ou..." The clicking stopped. "Lesbian?" the innocent looking boy stopped and looked utterly ecstatic. "Lesbians!"

"Yes," Jibril nodded and patted him on the head.

"Now wait a min-" Ayeka started and threw up her hands. "Is he at least a worshipper?"

"Oh yes," Jibril nodded. "Of you, your Majesty. And Sasami. And you and Sasami, er Tsunami.... together.... yes. Very much so."

Ayeka didn't like what the girl's inflection was hinting at but decided to drop it. "Ok, I won't kill him-"

"Thank you, your majesty."
"Oui. I like lesbians! And boobs!"
"I think that's the only english he knows..."

"So is anyone else coming?" Heads shook. "No one... normal?" the princess pleaded with desperation.

"I'm normal, your majesty," Jibril smiled sweetly and courtseyed.

"Yes, I see that... clearly.  Now tell me what happened here."

Ziggy dropped from the ceiling and at once he and Jibril started their stories, one interjecting with extra details when the other paused and then the other way around. Gaston was first quiet and then explained he wasn't there. Ayeka could only gather that her temple was ransacked with abandon and the former high priests were... ugh. Nevermind, time to move forward she reminded herself.  On top of all that, it seemed worship of the true Gods, her sister and her sister's sisters, as well were declining all around and so the building was abandoned rather than salvaged.

"Very well, this head priest, I shall banish him."

"Oh, don't do that," Jibril sighed. "He was under duress and faced some of the same problems I have. I still sympathize with him. How about just a short temporary banning your highness?  It's called a tanning for short"

"A tanning?"

"Yes, 30 days tanning at the Jersey Shore.  Believe me, that's punishment enough."

"Very well. The other two sound like they deserve full banishments.  One for bearing false witness and following false gods besides the Choushin and the other for manufacturing evidence against Y Anthony Who.  Among other things." No counterarguments were heard. Finally, she was in control again. Now, I don't have much time here and the candidates seem... limited. Jibril, please, submit your resume for Temple Leader."

"Well, I'm a harmless prankster, I don't respect authority much, uh, except for you, your majesty, of course," the girl looked at the scowling Princess and shrank. "And I wrote this poem in your honor." She took out a piece of paper titled 'That way, for you, I can fall... and fall again.' As Ayeka read it unmoved, the girl added "Oh, its from Tenchi's perspective.  Yus yus yus."

"Oh, okay." Ayeka allowed herself to smile.

Ziggy grinned and added, "If you like that, you should read Jibby's 'Announcement of the Autumn Leaves'. In that, Tenchi screws Tsunami behind your guys' backs in that and when you find out, you drink yourself silly in sadness with Ryoko that night pining for him."

Ayeka blasted the ick lizard into the next room. The sheer ionization in the atmosphere was making some of Jibril's hair stand up and she hurriedly pulled out some paintings and hurriedly spread them on the table.  "Um, here is a silhouette of you I made."

Ayeka calmed down and nodded. "It's okay. It could be better."

"And here's 'Jurain Double Date'."

"Ooh, that's cute. Sasami wore a dress just like that last summer. Although I'm not sure I would wear such puffed sleeves. And Ryo-ohki is just precious!" Ayeka gushed.

"Lesbians!" Gaston caused a commotion with his glee as he pulled some art hidden under the pile and then suddenly turned it around so everyone could see.

Ayeka was about to cover her eyes until she spotted herself and her grown up sister on a bed... "JIBRIL," she growled half-questionly.

"Oh, uh, that's just the R-rated version and not the X-rated version without bikinis and the tongues-" Jibril went on oblivious to the murder in Ayeka's eyes.

"X-rated version..."

Zigra yawned. "You should have added Misaki too. And made Aeka's hair bl-"

No one really knows what happened next but the room exploded and all went white.

When the three came to, they noticed their bodies hurt where it hit the wall but were otherwise okay. Ayeka sat at a small round table calmly and regally drinking a cup of tea, her pinky extended as she sipped an ever small amount.

"Well, well, well, you all are finally awake." She didn't pause for affirmations. "I did go through more of the archives, Jibril, you are indeed a very dedicated, albeit eccentric, worshipper, I was actually impressed. Also, no one, absolutely no one else showed up in all this time, not a single soul." The princess' voice left no doubt the latter statement held more weight than the former in her upcoming decision. "So, you're the new Headmistress of this temple."

A staff appeared in Jibril's hand and she held it up with both hands. A short tune played.

A portion of Soulja Boy's 'Late Nite Call' played from inside Ayeka's robe and she pulled out an impossible thin phone while holding up her index finger for everyone to be quiet. "Oh, yes, of course Tenchi! I'll be right there." As she hung up, she explained, "Well everyone, I'm on a booty call. That means I have to be going." She hurried out.

"Booty call?" Jibril asked and followed.

"Oh yes, Washu sent Tenchi and the rest of us to search for some treasure Kagato was seeking.  Tenchi calls us everytime we think we're close.  Ryoko told me the pirates call it a Booty Call and that's what I should tell anyone so they know why I'm in a rush. But you earthlings, oblivious to everything! I should have known better." Ayeka waved dismissively and then smiled. "She even was nice enough to make that song play when Tenchi calls."


Ayeka was outside and turned around. "As Temple Mistress, you get to make one request that I may or may not grant."

That manic look that scared Ayeka at first appeared again on the girl's face. "Oh, could you ask Tenchi about adopting me?"

"Aren't you a bit old to need adopting?"

"And Noike?" Jibril shot back.

Ayeka grumbled something about her meddling grandmother.

"You can tell Tenchi he can even molest his 'daughter' as much as he wants." Jibril's smile twisted and her eyes shone with a deranged lust that could compete with Washu's and it scared Ayeka to no end. "You can join too, Auntie Ayeka."

Ayeka nodded dumbly and disappeared in a flash of light. From the bridge of her ship, she stared at the magnified temple for a few seconds, pondering if she should just destroy the place.  Earth, too, wouldn't be such a loss. Tenchi would probably be mad though. Oh well, forward onto the booty call.

Sake Sake the Longtime Cat Welcomes YOU!!!

May 13, 2012: Congratulations to Jibril, AFC's new Dark Mistress!

Other changes:
Zigra named Leading Perv.  Gaston named Court Jester.  Y Anthony Who pardoned with a full apology from the AFC and named Ambassador to the Court.

Full Hiss Moos @ JGZinv / JGZ / JarvisGZinv / JarvisGreeleyZinv / Mootard / ILuvLucifer / 666IsNotJustANumber & FullGonzo / FG / GonzoJournalism / TheNoseKnows / MrCamillaTheChicken.  They and all their aliases are banished and dishonorable discharges are given to both.  Full withdrawal of their pensions and retirement benefits.  May their names be stricken from the official records, 8-tracks, cassettes, CDs, and MP3s.  

All other previous leadership thanked, some spanked, and retired.

BTW, an anonymous, spineless jellyfish wants to let everyone know he's 100% heterosexual.


January 1, 2007: Congratulations to AstroNerdBoy, the AFC's new Vice-President! 
Jeff Morris
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December 13, 2006: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the AFC, Beagle and myself to all our friends! As a special treat, be sure and check out our updated Christmas Fanfiction selection.
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February 8, 2006: Beagle and I would like to wish our AFC friends a very happy Valentine's Day, and best wishes to Our Princess. May her chocolate gift to Tenchi be his favorite!
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November 28, 2005: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the AFC to all our friends! As a special treat, be sure and check out our updated Christmas Fanfiction selection.
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September 21, 2005: Beagle-san, myself and the entire AFC wish our lady, Princess Masaki Ayeka Jurai a very happy birthday! May all your dreams come true! 
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August 18, 2005: As information, the ezBoard server for the AFC Message Board died last night. They're hoping to get a new one installed tonight, and the boards back up and running at some point thereafter. 
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June 23, 2005: Greetings from the VP! We're beginning to make some updates to the AFC webpage, starting with updates to the links, banner and fanfiction pages. We're always looking for contributions, so please contact Beagle or myself at the addresses listed below. And have a great summer while you're at it, okay? 
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Dark Mistress: Jibril Mudo
Leading Perv: Zigra
Court Jester: Gaston
Ambassador to the Court: Y Anthony Who