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The 1812 War Society (UK) aims to recreate the events and conflicts of the Anglo-American
War through living history displays and battle re-enactments. The society was formed in late
2009 with the intention of depicting the engagements of the 1812 war, especially for the
2012 bi-centennial anniversary events and beyond.

Mission Statement for the 1812 War Society (UK)

The 1812 War Society (UK) aims to bring awareness to the forgotten conflict of the Anglo American war of 1812 by presenting informative, educational and entertaining public displays.

The 1812 War Society (UK) will support its members by encouraging research and organising events up to, during and beyond the 2012 to 2015 bicentennial of the Anglo American war of 1812.

The 1812 War Society (UK) will be proactive in changing the nature of regency period re-enactment within the UK by providing imaginative and engaging events for its members.

In addition the 1812 War Society (UK) will be instrumental in arranging for re-enactors from the UK to travel to the United States and Canada for the bicentennial events of the Anglo American war of 1812.

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