Disclaimerthis is a list of links we have built up and found useful over the years.  17th Reigate is in no way responsible for any of the content or uses to which it may be put.  Nor do we regularly check that these links still work, so if you find one that doesn't work, or has inappropriate content, then please email us at .  (Also, if you discover anything which you think may be useful to others, then email us the link and we'll include it here)

 Scouting Association websites  
      Official Scouting Association website 
      Official website for Reigate District Scouts
      Resources for those in the Scouting movement
 Schools and Churches  
      St. Bede's school
      St. Joseph's school
      St. Joseph's church
 Recent hikes  
      Collection of routes walked or cycled by Scouts and Explorers   Recent hikes
 Scouting Skills  
     Collection of resources to help with map reading and navigation
 Maps and navigation
     Collection of resources to help tie those knots or build that A-frame
 Knots and pioneering
     Useful stuff for Scouts (and Beavers/Cubs/Explorers) to know
     Collection of resources around First Aid
 First Aid
     Collection of resources to help with camping
 Games and Songs
      Link to Scoutbase database of Scouting games
      Collection of songs for the campfire