4mm hex wrench. Titanium screwdriver bit. Impact wrench socket set.

4mm Hex Wrench

4mm hex wrench
    hex wrench
  • A hex key (also known by various synonyms) is a tool of hexagonal cross-section used to drive bolts and screws that have a hexagonal socket in the head (internal-wrenching hexagon drive).

Dura-Ace SP-7400 seatpost adjusting bolt
Dura-Ace SP-7400 seatpost   adjusting bolt
The small (4mm) bolt at the front screws against the sliding washer block of the saddle fixing bolt. A small chrome plated spring surrounding this bolt (also concealed within the alloy body) ensures this set-screw will not move out of position under vibration. This screw is moved by turning a simple 3 mm. hex-key (Allen wrench) or even a small flat blade screw driver. This screw is is described as a means of precisely fine tuning the saddle angle. It also happens to save the saddle tilt position if the main saddle rail clamp bolt is loosened to adjust the for/aft placement of a saddle. A very useful feature which I've never seen on any other single-bolt seatposts. This seatpost was produced by NITTO which still makes some of the most attractively finished alloy seatposts. Nitto also made the amazing Dura-ace "hidden bolt" stems of the 1980s. DSCF0016a

4mm hex wrench
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