Ceaser Wallis

Appears in the 1790 census in Gilmanton, Strafford County, NH with 4 other free persons.

Source: 1790 NH Census

Statement Showing the Names, Rank, &c., of Persons Residing in Strafford County

Pension List under the Act of Congress County in the State of New Hampshire, Who Have Been Inscribed on Passed the 18th of March, 1818.

NAME RANK Annual Allow- Description of service When placed on pension roll

Ceasar Wallis PVT 96.00 N. H. cont. line Dec. 10, 1818

Commencement Age Laws under which they were inscribed on the pension roll ; and remarks

April 23, 1829    97
   Cesar Wallace of Meredith, N.H.; farmer; aged 90; wife Katy aged 72, daughter Lucy aged 27.  Declaration July 18, 1820.  He then held pension certificate No. 4826 under original declaration of April 23, 1818.  Service:  private in Capt. Caleb Robinson's company, Second N.H. Regiment commanded by Co. George Reed.  He was discharged at Hartford.  He was in the Indian country, at the battle of Herkimer, at Bunker Hill etc.  He entered in 1777 and served until the close of the war.

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2.  Revolutionary Pension Declarations Strafford County, N.H., 1820-1832 Compiled from Court Records by Lucien Thompson, 1907 (page 24)
The Slovak Yankee has an excellent article about Ceasar and has added greatly to Ceaser's information.