John Reed

John Reed is listed in the 1790 census as living in Croydon, Cheshire County, NH
John enlisted in the Revolutionary War from Canterbury in 1776 and re-enlisted several time during the war.  Reed married after 1790 and before 1791 to Dinah Hoyt, a black woman from Croydon.  The Reeds left Croydon after they sold their land on Coit Mountain in 1794.

Excerpt "Roster of Enlistments from Canterbury.
Roll of Absentees First NH Regiment (Col. Joseph Cilley), Capt. Ebenezer Frye's Company, Valley Forge, January 10, 1778
John Reed, Canterbury, age thirty, five feet, eight inches, negro, black complexion, black eyes.  Left at Fishkill, sick."

John Reid is given as a resident of Canterbury but enlisting for Chichester.
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