Prince Jehonet

Appears in the 1790 census in Goffstown, Hillsborough with 9 other free persons.

Source: 1790 NH Census

Statement Showing the Names, Rank, &c., of Persons Residing in Hillsborough  County
Pension List under the Act of Congress County in the State of New Hampshire, Who Have Been Inscribed on the Passed June 7, 1832

NAME                       RANK       Annual Allow-    Description of service      When placed on pension roll
Prince Johonnott   PVT         26.66              N. H. militia                    April 2, 1833

Commencement              Age    Laws under which they were inscribed on the pension roll ; and  remarks    
March 4, 1831           85                              

Source: NH State Papers, Misc. Revolutionary War Documents, Vol. XXX, (page 338)