Silas Burdoo

Living in Reading, Windsor County, with three other free persons in 1791 census.

Living in Reading in 1800 with two other free persons; surname spelled as Burdue.  He is buried in Reading with two wives.  He served in the Revolution from MA and received a pension.  Reading records show that he voted for representative to Congress in Sept. 1804.

He owned several parcels of land in Reading.

In 1810 he is listed in Reading with one white male 10-16, one white female 26-45, and two other free persons, surname spelled Beddon.  In 1820 in Reading, Silas’ household appears to have had a white female 26-45, a free colored male 26-45 and one free colored female 26-45.  In 1830 he is in Reading, surname spelled Bardow, with one free colored male 55-100, and one free colored female 55-100.

According to Patriots of Color, African-American and Native American at Battle Road and Bunker Hill, by George Quintal, Jr., he was born in Lexington, MA on 14 Feb. 1748, the son of Philip and Mary (----) Burdoo.  See the information about him in the write-up for Aaron Burdoo, his cousin.

The Bailey Mills Cemetery in Reading has a stone for Silas Burdoo, age 89, died 23 June 1837, wife Rosanna.  Rosanna Burdoo’s stone reads, age 73, 13 Oct. 1836, husband Silas Burdoo.  There is also a stone for Betsey Burdoo, in 65th year, died 7 Aug. 1816, husband Silas Burdoo.  On 26 Feb. 1818, in Chester, VT, Silas Burdoo married Rosannah Brackey of Chester.  [See separate write-up for Pompey Brackey of Chester.]  I have not found any children recorded for Silas or either of his wives.

His pension application was filed 7 September 1832.  He was a resident of Reading, Windsor County, VT, aged 84 years.  He volunteered in the service of the United States on 19th April 1775 and was in the Battle at Lexington the same day.  He again enlisted in May 1775 at Cambridge, MA.  He served in several battles and he was discharged in January 1776.  He again volunteered in 1781.  He stated he was born 14 Feb. 1748 at Lexington, MA.  He resided at Lexington and Cambridge until near the close of the Revolutionary War when he removed to Rindge, NH, and then to Reading, VT, where he lived for 50 years.  His signature is on his pension application.

There is a death recorded in Reading for Mary Burdoo, died 9 Aug. 1798.  I believe this is the sister of Silas who was born in Lexington on 14 March 1740/41.