Ishmael Turner

Listed in Chester, Windsor County with three other free persons in the 1791 Vermont census.

He is also listed in the 1790 Winchester, Cheshire County, NH census with three other free persons.  It appears that he probably moved from Winchester to Chester   He does not appear to have owned land in Chester.  Winchester had several other free persons in the 1790 census and some of the ones that later came to Chester said they came from Winchester.

I have not found him in any other census, but there is an Ishmael Turner who enlisted in the Revolutionary War from Northfield, MA.  The book, History and Proceedings of the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Vol. 1, The 10th Annual Meeting, 1879, page 483, in telling about Slavery in Massachusetts, has the following:

Ishmael Turner, slave of Seth Field, Esq., farmer.  Bought in Boston.  The first work he was set at was turning hay; they said he would make a good turner, and so named him Turner, but when he was baptized they called him Ishmael, hence Ishmael Turner.  In December, 1776, Ishmael Turner, with others, was enlisted as a soldier to go to Danbury (History of Northfield).  He does not appear to have gotten a pension.

The book, Strong and Brave Fellows, has a small write-up on him, and that seems to confirm that the Ishmael Turner information I have found is the correct person.

The Conway, MA vital records has a marriage record as follows:  Ishmael Turner of Munson and Chloe Danforth [int. Danford] of Conway, Mar. 9 [sic, int. ent. Mar. 9 and pub. Mar. 25], 1793.  I am not sure this is the same Ishmael Turner.

I believe the Rosannah Turner who married Pompey Brackey and later married Silas Burdoo may have been related to Ishmael Turner.  Since we do not have ages for either of these Turner people, it is not possible to know how she might be related.