Exeter Dolbe

Listed in Braintree, Orange County in 1791 census with three other free persons in the household.

In 1800 listed in Braintree as Exeter Doleby with four people in his household.

In 1810 listed in Braintree as Exter Dablee with four other free persons.  In 1820 listed in Braintree with two males 14-26, and one female 14-26, free colored persons, name Exeter Dolby.  I do not find him after this; however, there is an Elias Dolby who may be related, in Cabot, Caledonia Co., VT in 1830.  In 1840 there is a Cyrus Dolby in Addison County, township not shown.

 On 22 Aug. 1806, he signs a religious certificate in Braintree that he doesn’t agree in religion with the majority.  He signs by mark, with the name Exetor [Dolbe?] (Vermont Religious Certificates, compiled by Alden M. Rollins).  On 6 June 1816 Exeter Dolby is warned out of Burlington (Vermont Warnings Out, Vol. 1, compiled by Alden M. Rollins).

 Soldiers, Sailors and Patriots of the Revolutionary War, Vermont, compiled by Carleton and Sue Fisher, lists Exeter Doleby with service not identified and buried in Braintree.  Their source is Soldiers of the Revolutionary War Buried in Vermont, by Walter H. Crockett.  The name is spelled as Exter Doleby in this small book.  I have found no other evidence that proves he was in the Revolutionary War.

The History of Braintree, Vermont, by H. Royce Bass (1883) mentions the following information:  “There was a family named Freeman, and a Dolbe family or two belonging to Exeter or Peter Dolbe, or both.  We think Exeter lived some time on Riford’s brook.”

Vermont Vital Records has a death record for Aseneth Dolby, age 100 years, colored pauper, born NC, died 6 March 1857, old age, recorded Westminster.  The cemetery card has her buried in the West Parish cemetery, and lists her husband as Elias Dolby.

I have not found if any of these Dolby folks are descendants of either Exeter Dolby or Peter Dolby.

The book, Tapestry:  A Living History of the Black Family in Southeastern Connecticut, by James M. Rose and Barbara W. Brown (1979), has a chapter on “The Seeds of Spring:  Dissemination and Germination.”  This chapter mentions people who left Connecticut and went to Vermont.  One family was Exeter Dolbe and his wife Hannah who moved from the Norwich-Preston area to Braintree, VT, about 1789.

 The book, "Black Roots in Southeastern Connecticut, 1650 - 1900," by Barbara W. Brown and James M. Rose 2001 states the following on page 113:



EXETER and family, transient persons, were odered to depart the town of Preston, 1788.  (Jabez Fitch, Justice Records).  Exeter Dolbe in 1790 census for Braintree, Orange Co., Vt.; 3 in hsehd.  He had 4 in his hsehd. in the 1800 census for Braintree.  A Peter, undoubtedly a son or a brother, was in 190 census for Braintree; 2 in hsehd.  He m. Elizabeth Nichols in Braintree 14 Apr. 1791.  In the 1800 census for Braintree, he had 6 in his hsehd.

Child of Exeter and Hannah Dolby:
          1. Israel--bpt. 20 Jan. 1788 (Norwich Christ Church); d. um. drowned in a mill pond in Braintree (H. Royce Bass, HISTORY OF BRAINTREE, VERMONT, Rutland: Tuttle, 1883, p. 37)