Cull Payne

Listed in Shoreham, Addison County in 1791 census with four other free persons in his household.


Listed in Shoreham in 1800 census as Cul Payon with three other free persons in his household


According to information from Susan MacIntire, a historian living in Shoreham, Cull Payne went to the Congregational Church.  There was a negro pew upstairs accessible by an outside staircase.  He owned several parcels of land, buying his first property in 1786.  He sold two parcels of land in Shoreham in April 1815.


He was warned out of Orwell, 27 Dec. 1815:  Cull Pain, “a negro man and his wife and family.”  (Vermont Warnings Out, Vol. 1, by Alden Rollins).