Anthony Dick

Listed in Hydespark, Chittenden County in 1791 census with three other free persons in the household.  In 1800 he is still in Hyde Park but it is then in Orleans County where he appears with no last name and two people.  In 1810 Sophia Dick is listed in Hyde Park with one other free person in the household.  Could this be the wife/widow of Anthony Dick?  Hyde Park is now in Lamoille County.


Land records for Strafford, Orange County, have Anthony Dick of Enfield, alias Pelham, Grafton County, NH, husbandman, purchasing 50 acres for 68 pounds lawful money from Jonathan Wood of Strafford, Gloucester County, NY on 28 March 1780.  He had several more land transactions between then and 16 Feb. 1789.  One of them was the sale of 150 acres to Cato Boston of Woodstock on 28 Sept. 1787.  He had previously owned property in Enfield, NH.


Hyde Park in Book 1, page 83, has Anthony Dick of Hyde Park purchasing one 200 acre lot from Jedediah Hyde for £20; the property had been drawn to the right of Benjamin Tolman and was No. 60 in the 3rd Division.  This was on 29 Oct. 1792.  The same day he sold 50 acres for £10 to Allinnor of said town, a Negro woman.  He signed by mark.  I could not find a last name for Allinnor in the deed, but it is indexed as Allinnor Richard.  I also did not find where she sold it.  On 26 Oct. 1793 for £20 he sold 50 acres to Daniel Roberson of Strafford.


On 10 March 1801, he sold for $4. one acre of land lying and being in 2nd Division of the original right of William Dennison, original proprietor of #44, known commonly by the name of pine lots, to Nathaniel Elmore.  On 23 Nov. 1805 he sold for $245 to John Hastings one lot of land in the first Division containing 105 acres, drawn to the original right of William Denison.  I did not find when Anthony Dick purchased this property.