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Chicago 2012 Toy Soldier Show @ Woodfield Hyatt


                               Toy Soldier Show at Big Red One Infantry Division Museum                                                                                     

                                                                                                  CHICAGO TOY SOLDIER SHOW 9/2011

Chicago Toy Soldier Show 2011

   The 2011 Toy Soldier Show at the Woodfield Hyatt was as usual a well attended venue.  There were only 3 1/72 sellers there including myself.  One of the more popular displays was, IN MY BOOTH!  Though the vast majority was 54mm-1/35 very good ideas can be gathered from that scale as well as a few shrewd observations.  The detail and topic range of the displays was awesome as the slide show above shows.  It also shows the limitations of the scale, in terms of what is feasible in a display area and the size of that area.  Notice in some shots the proximity of vehicles, troops, etc makes little or no sense at all.  Due entirely to available space and the scale of the displayed figures.  Not the case with 1/72.  In a fraction of the space used by 54mm I was able to accurately depict Napoleonic British highland Infantry formed in square with artillery support.  Over 300 figures in less space than 99% of the displays on hand.  The repeated comments I heard showed an astonishment that the detail was so vivid.  The cost and space needed to reproduce the square I displayed would have been insane to attempt.  

                                                                                                 MOKENA ILLINOIS PUBLIC LIBRARY
                                                                                                    RETURN OF THE TOY SOLDIERS

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                                                                                               EVERGREEN AVIATION & SPACE MUSEUM

                                                                                            ABRAHAM LINCOLN MEMORIAL & MUSEUM

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                                                                               LITTLE WARS WAR GAMES SHOW 4-10-2011 SLIDE SHOW

                                                                                        A TASTE OF THE CHICAGO AIR & WATER SHOW