Excellent detail, only horse drawn artillery set made for German Army in this scale for WWII.  Most of their artillery was horse drawn!
Siberian Infantry                  2516
Great thing- it has been re-released and is a great winter set.
WWII Soviet Cossacks.          2514
Often used in winter for scouting, and hit & run attacks behind German Lines, this is the best set of its kind made.  Also re-issued.
WWII Australian Infantry       2501
Best WWII Australian Infantry set made to date..
WWII British 8th Army           2512
Only 12 poses, but arguably best 8th Army set made so far, discontinued and rare.
WWII Japanese Infantry         2507
Excellent Infantry set.
WWII Soviet Infantry              2510
Fine set, re-issued in combo packs, great detail and good variety of positions.
Roman Praetorian               2552
Must have set to guard the emperor.  Best set of its kind, rare & not re-released.
NORMANS                             2550
Still best Norman Warrior set made to date and its re issued.
ANGLO-SAXONS                    2551
Excellent detailed Saxon set still best detailed set of its kind.
AZTECS                                2569
A great set, great detail and nice position variety.
7yrs War Austrian Artillery    2579
One of the finest sets made, period, in this scale.
Prussian Hussars 7yrs. War    2575
The Death's Head Cavalry set is a must have set, 15 mounted figures, rare and nor re-released.
Swedish Cavalry                     2567
A great cavalry set has positions that also make nice Conquistadors and Imperial Cavalry for your 30 yrs War set-up.
Imperial Artillery                    2566
Great detail, excellent position selection, accessories, limber & 3 guns.  A rare set.
Union Artillery                       2565
A top flight ACW artillery set, rare and not re-released to date.
Prussian Infantry                    2572
Excellent detail, command structure & pose variety.  Plus they make great Hessians & AWI Line Infantry.
Austrian Dragoons                 2573
15 mounted cavalry figures and outstanding sculpting, a rare set.
Austrian Infantry                    2574
Another fine 17th century set, rare, great to convert to AWI.
Confederate Pioneers             2564
The only Civil War Engineer set made in this scale and its a very good one, but becoming rare fast.

6060 American War of Independence American Infantry
6061 American War of Independence Indian Warriors
6062 Gladiators

6066 Napoleonic French Infantry
6067 Napoleonic Prussian Infantry
6068 World War II German Elite Troops
6069 World War II Russian Infantry (Winter Uniform)

6080 Napoleonic French Light Cavalry
6081 Napoleonic Prussian Light Cavalry
6082 Napoleonic Mamelukes
6083 Napoleonic British 95th Regiment

6087 Walls and Ruins
6092 French Infantry 1798-1805
6093 Austrian Infantry 1798-1805
6094 British Light Cavalry 1815
6095 British Infantry 1815
6096 PAK 40 AT Gun with Servants
6097 ZIS 3 AT Gun with servants

6099 World War II D.A.K. Infantry
6120 World War II American Infantry
6121 World War II German Motorcycles
6122 World War II Italian 90/53 Gun with Crew
6123 Chinese Cavalry
6124 Mongol Cavalry
6125 Templar Knights
6126 Arab Warriors
6131 World War II Anti Tank Teams