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One Hour Photo Stream

one hour photo stream
    one hour
  • One Hour is the eleventh full-length album by German electronic music outfit Cluster. It was recorded live in the studio in Vienna, Austria in July, 1994 and released on January 24, 1995 on the U.S. based Gyroscope label.
  • A television term describing a dramatic series that lasts for one-hour (e.g. ER, The West Wing, The Sopranos).
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  • A photo finish
  • PHOTO was the name of an American photographic magazine geared towards men. It was published monthly by the Official Magazine Corporation beginning in June 1952.
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My favorite photo and "spot"
My favorite photo and "spot"
If I could do an instant replay on any 30 minute time period our our entire Canadian Rocky road trip, this would be the place. This spot had it all for me: blue sky, cirrus clouds, rugged bold snow dusted peaks, a colorful forest of larch in gold mixed among the deep green of alpine spruce and fir; a frost nipped meadow; a bubbling "in a hurry" little stream with ice crystals adding a white border to its banks; cool, clear, crisp air..and no bugs or crowds. This was great! This is it: my favorite photo, moment, experience and sight, of the entire trip. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ These are the photographs taken on Thursday, the third day of our road trip. It was the best day of weather and best day for hiking and photographing on the entire road trip and we covered a lot of ground. Since I sleep 8 hours and it is dark close to 12 hours, I woke up very early Thursday morning in my backpacking tent at Mosquito Creek campground. Fortunately so did J.J. - - so we got an early morning start on the day. First a quick trip up to the Peyto (Pee Toe) Lake overlook, where JJ hoped to catch some early morning light on the lake. We had the overlook to ourselves until one large tour bus after another unloaded one large load of loud whooping tourists after another, but the light was flat and the sky uncooperative. We took what “memory” shots we could then bailed out heading south the way we had come. We stopped at Hector Lake for some morning reflection photos on our way to Moraine Lake. At Moraine Lake we took the best hike of the road trip, up to Larch Valley. We had excellent weather and the larch were at their peek in color. What a wonderful experience. After the hike we returned to the highway and headed north up through the northern half of Banff and all the way to Jasper. We found the lighting interesting and enjoyed having Athabasca Falls to ourselves, so we didn’t roll into Jasper until after dark. We lucked out and got excellent rooms for two nights at the Marmot Lodge in Jasper. JJ and I gave our best well rehearsed routine for an “old timers’, AARP members, lodging discount”, which the nice people at the lodge generously gave us. It was starting to rain by then and I was glad to have a room motel room with a bedroom, kitchen, and living room, where I could lay out all my wet camping gear from the previous night’s camp out at Mosquito Creek. We would spend all day Friday roaming the area around Jasper, but by then the weather had turned and we would see nothing but rain and low clouds, most of the time we were in Jasper National Park. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Subalpine Larch “Tamarack” “Tamarack Pine” [Larix lyallii] A conifer that sheds its needles, making it a deciduous tree, an anomaly. They are a Larch, though many in the state of Washington call them “Tamarack pine”, even though they aren’t a pine tree. Before the needles are shed each fall they turn as golden as an aspen or a cottonwood tree and since these particular larch grow at altitude (between 4,000 and 8,000 feet) their golden colors of fall mix, blend and compliment the high altitude fir and spruce. We have lots of these larch in the Enchantment Lakes area of Eastern Washington. The larger Western and Eastern Larch survive and seem to benefit from forest fire activity. Eastern Larch (called Tamarack) was utilized by Native American, who used their slender, strong roots to sew together their bark canoes. The durable lumber from Tamarack is sought after and used in construction. As we drove through the Canadian Rockies the Cottonwood lit up the river valleys with their fall color; then the aspen painted the slopes of the mountains and rimmed alpine lakes with gold; and way up high, running right to the very edges of timberline, you could catch the reflection of gold of the larch, as the sun hit the upper peaks of the mountains. Our hike up from Moraine Lake to Larch Valley was the hi-lite of the road trip for me. The weather was perfect; ice lined the high mountain creeks; the rugged peaks above the Larch Valley, like Pinnacle Mountain and Mt. Temple. It is a five mile round trip hike on excellent trail. You will gain about 1,200’ on the hike from Moraine Lake up into the valley. You can wander farther and take the zig zag route up to the saddle of Sentinel Pass. We took a stream route and ended up on the bench below the pass and a great panoramic view of Larch Valley and the high peaks above it. Because this is prime country for grizzly sows and their cubs, you are required to hike in groups of four (so people don’t bother THEM, we were told). We teamed with up with an endless stream of “hiking partners” going both up and back down the trail. We saw several hikers ignoring the rule but most, like us, tried to team up and keep the four person groupings intact (though not always practical). We were so fortunate to hit this hike on a day with sunshine. When the sunlight hit the patches of Lar
"THE KISS" ("One Year Later...")
"THE KISS" ("One Year Later...")
© Sion Fullana ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. New York 2008 DO NOT USE ON BLOGS OR SITES WITHOUT EXPLICIT WRITEN PERMISSION. Thanks. This image, taken on Times Square the night of November 4th 2008, around two hours after the world knew Barack Obama would become President of the United States, grew up to be the most iconic image of my photo stream (Currently at +23.000 views, +870 views). In a way, it helped make me who I am as a photographer today... I ended up meeting Stephanie and Andrew, the couple in the image... and it seemed a dream come true. 365 nights after this kiss, sadly, I've come to known they are not longer together. Obama has been president for a year. Some of his promises have come to be true and it's been great to the country and the world. But many other promises are yet to be fulfilled, even addressed for the first time... Last night, Maine became another state after California last year, where slightly more than a half of voters decided to take back a basic civil right that was already in motion in that state: the ability for same-sex couples to marry their loved one. There is so much to do still... And hope is not written in capitals anymore, like it was one year ago... I DO hope, because in my heart I'm an eternal optimist, that best things will prevail in the end. That LOVE and HUMANITY will conquer the hate and bigotry and ignorance in so many hearts. And why not? Maybe there's still a chance for love to happen again... PS: In my year and few months on Flickr, I had never before re-post an image that was already on my stream. But I think if a single one deserved it, it had to be this one. And I wanted to use the impact and strength of the moment depicted to send a message of hope of my own. Thanks to all of you who helped made this an iconic image.

one hour photo stream
one hour photo stream
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