Royal Rajasthan Palace On Wheels

royal rajasthan palace on wheels
  • A state in western India, on the Pakistani border; capital, Jaipur. The western part of the state consists largely of the Thar Desert and is sparsely populated
  • A state in the North West of India [more]
  • Rajasthan (????????, ) is the largest state of the Republic of India by area. It encompasses most of the area of the large, inhospitable Great Indian Desert (Thar Desert), which has an edge paralleling the Sutlej-Indus river valley along its border with Pakistan.
  • Rajasthani cuisine has been influenced by the availability of food resources in the desert state and by the warlike lifestyle of the Maharajas. The food had to be cooked in such a way that it would last for several days when the men went off to war.
  • the governing group of a kingdom; "the palace issued an order binding on all subjects"
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royal rajasthan palace on wheels - Rajasthan
This stunningly lavish volume is based on Pauline van Lynden's notebooks, photographs and other material gathered over fifteen years of wanderings in Rajasthan, India. The book begins with Pauline's first overwhelming impressions of color, people and places. In search of material, making friends on her way, she discovers the Rajasthani cities, is invited to a royal wedding and finds artisans devoted to their centuries-old crafts. After some time, a longing for quiet draws her to the countryside, and the second half of the book focuses on the villages and a rhythm of life which has not changed much over the centuries. The fourteen chapters of the book are each introduced by two pages of stories and descriptions by Pauline to explain, in a personal way, the following pages of photographs. The text is limited to her impressions, as the book is meant to be essentially a visual experience. With her artistic background, an upbringing in international surroundings, a curious and eclectic mind, a keen photographer's eye and a great sensitivity for detail and atmosphere, Pauline is perfectly equipped to bring her own view of Rajasthan to the public in this informed and evocative manner.

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The Priest
The Priest
Jain Temple, Chittorgarh. We were on our way up to Chittorgarh Fort when we stopped by this small Jain temple. The priest came out to greet us. I thought that there was something forlorn yet beautiful about the scene.
Tower & Moat, Red Fort
Tower & Moat, Red Fort
Outside view of tower & moat at Red Fort, Delhi

royal rajasthan palace on wheels
royal rajasthan palace on wheels
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