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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Doncaster

alloy wheel refurbishment doncaster
  • renovation: the state of being restored to its former good condition; "the inn was a renovation of a Colonial house"
  • (refurbish) make brighter and prettier; "we refurbished the guest wing"; "My wife wants us to renovate"
  • Refurbishment is the of maintenance or major repair of an item, either aesthetically or mechanically.
    alloy wheel
  • (Alloy Wheels) A generic term used to describe any non-steel road wheel. The most common alloy wheels are cast aluminum. Technically, an alloy is a mixture of two or more metals. These wheels are known for their light weight and strength.
  • Car wheels made of aluminium, rather than steel. Main advantages include lighter weight and attractive styling. Mostly chosen for style reasons.
  • Alloy wheels (incorrectly known as rims) are automobile (car, motorcycle and truck) wheels which are made from an alloy of aluminium or magnesium (or sometimes a mixture of both). They are typically lighter for the same strength and provide better heat conduction and improved cosmetic appearance.
  • The Metropolitan Borough of Doncaster is a metropolitan borough of South Yorkshire in Yorkshire and the Humber Region of England.
  • Doncaster was a Thoroughbred racehorse, a winner of the Epsom Derby and later the sire of the great stallion Bend Or.
  • An industrial town in northern England; pop. 284,300
  • HM Prison Doncaster, is a Category B men's private prison, located in the Marshgate area of Doncaster in South Yorkshire, England. The prison is operated by the Serco Group.

62722 Huntingdonshire after arriving at Doncaster with a train from Hull 25th October 1959. Class D49/1 built at Darlington Works in September 1929 as LNER No 322 she was withdrawn in October 1959 and scrapped at North Road Darlington in December of the same year. Photo details Negative scan Kodak Black & White 120 Roll Film Camera Box Brownie 120.
24001 in the scrapyard at Doncaster Works 5th October 1977. Delivered from BR Derby Works in 1959 as D5001 she was withdrawn in October 1975 and scrapped in November 1977. Photo details Colour Slide scan Agfa 35mm 64ASA Colour Slide Film Camera Canon FT QL 35mm.

alloy wheel refurbishment doncaster