Below are a few short videos taken around the line in what little summer we had.

There are lots more at my U tube channel.

Test Steam up 2014

This is the a test steam up up the recently completed Loco Kit. All our Darjeeling coaches get an airing and the loco prooves that a good train can be hauled at a nice slow pace. This has been a collabourative effort and the bodywork altered. We have a collection of fine coach kits that are in the works of my uncle who was volunteered to build them. What a great fellow........


Kathleen is a vintage locomotive obtained secondhand from a friend. She is a diminutive but heavy weight model of the contractor's loco that helped build the Ffestiniog Railway. She has a large boiler for her size and needs mixed gas to get up enough heat. The whole loco has to be hot before she will run steadily!
She has an annoying habit of suddenly running away. The secret seems to be to get the whole loco very hot indeed, then turn the gas right down and just crack the regulator. After a few circuits light engine she should settle down. Running then can be good and lasts easily 30 to 40 minutesĀ  or more on a warm day.
Any handling means that gloves or thick cloth is a must. The steam exhaust tube in the chimney is very narrow and emits a fierce fine jet of steam high in the air. Never look over her from above she bites!

Darjeeling Post Train

The Darjeeling mail always gets through! This fine train can often be seen taking the early departure.

The Earl

The Earl is a fine Pearce model. The chimney and safety valves have been changed to give a Cambrian outline rather than the more common GWR period rebuild. The livery is of course from Lightline where else! All our rolling stock has been constructed to be of the Cambrian period. Spot the very different ironwork on the coal wagons for instance.
This year we hope to get the timber train out and filmed. We now have 1 plank bolster trucks and more than enough match trucks to reproduce that famous photo in the W&L book. Oh Yes including the long lengths of chain used to link wagons when hauling those long round timbers. We can include the two brake vans although one has been 'kept' as originally delivered with no side doors.

The Earl

Betty & Quarry man's coaches

This year after much delay from the management some 'coaches' were constructed for the quarry men. 3 redundant coal trucks were 'converted' to carry the workman up to the mine.
The 'conversion' required the use of some especially chosen 2x6 planks along with tarpaulins and ......... well nothing else.