The Frome Valley Light Railway - A Small Industrial Garden Light Railway

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Updates -     As of 2017 we have moved and sadly the Railway has been uplifted.

An all new line has been propsed and will be constructed at the home of the Kenwater Valley Light Railway. Work has started and the deviation of the KVLR has been completed. So a new website will be formed at some time to show it all. In the meantime all stock is being serviced and new stock under construction!

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The Railway

Railway No. 1 in BLue
Railway No.2 in Green
Steaming up area and loops in Red
Also installed is a re-circulation route and a sissors crossing alllowing much more flexibility in running.

Spring sun
Just after finishing the lawn the spring sun through the bare woods shows up the plot. All will be overgrown soon!
 Welcome to a small garden Railway in the border counties on a woody hillside with fine views and sometimes sunny days.

I have an interest in steamy things small, often grimy and hardworking.
This means the flavor of our railway is generally industrial.

Two Circuits wind around the garden with a raised steaming up area to the side. The diamond or 'scissors' crossover gives the ability to run two trains or to have a longer run around the whole railway. There is a  re-circulation line which allows return to the steaming up area easily. 
However...the outer circuit is 6 ft & 8ft radius curves but the inner circuit is about 3ft 6". so those larger locos cannot return this way.

Railway No.1 was constructed first and is a scale 0.35 miles: - This line meanders around the rocky scenery and is intended for the smaller locomotives to potter about on.
Railway No.2 was constructed last and is a scale 0.43 miles: - This line starts by the lake and skirts the limits of the available space across the scree and through a cutting.
Both lines run in front of the reflecting pool and over a stream on long curving bridges. At present these are temporary timber affairs and the management is intending to construct something a little more appropriate soon. Well OK soonish....

Track laying has been kept as level as possible, this ensures that the many manual and several vintage locos can be run easily. On warm days this will reward with long relaxing steaming times which we much enjoy.

I should add that it really is worth becoming a member of the Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers and / or the G Scale society. Much enthusiastic help and advice will be gained this way.
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