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Lamborghini Leggenda Comfort Bike

lamborghini leggenda comfort bike
    comfort bike
  • A hybrid bicycle is a bicycle designed for general-purpose utility and commuting on a wide variety of surfaces, including paved and unpaved roads, paths and trails. It combines features from the road bike and the mountain bike, and includes variants such as the city bike, cross bike and commuter.
  • (Comfort Bikes) All-terrain bikes with ergonomically-superior upright riding positions, suspension forks, soft grips, cushy saddles and wide-range gearing; Comfort bikes generally use 26" mountain bike wheels.
  • A popular type of bicycle built mostly for recreational use and designed for optimum rider comfort with features such as soft seats, suspension seatposts, upright riding position and easy gearing.
  • Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.,S.p.A. stands for Societa per Azioni, the Italian version of a Joint stock company. commonly referred to as Lamborghini , is an Italian automaker based in the small township of Sant'Agata Bolognese.
  • A motor car manufactured by this company; An Italian motor car manufacturer, a subsidiary of Audi
  • Lamborghini was a racing video game developed by Rage Software and published by Majesco Games. It was cancelled in 2003 due to Rage Software's bankruptcy. The team that worked on Lamborghini went on and created the game studio Juice Games, which created the Juiced series.

Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0
Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0
The second version of the VT coupe and roadster added mostly cosmetic and styling changes. The cars now featured the SV's exposed headlamps (Borrowed from the Nissan 300zx 1990-96, and Used under licence) , new wheels and a newly redesigned dashboard. On the mechanical side, larger brakes, the addition of ABS brakes and a new variable valve timing system on the 6.0-litre V12 were the only mechanical updates. Power output increased to 530 hp (400 kW/540 PS), The standard 0-100 km/h time was 3.8 seconds but if you reved up to 6000 rpm and sidesteped the clutch you could launch it in 3.6 seconds. Despite the money Lamborghini had spent making the updates, the "Version 2" VTs were discontinued after only one year of production
The 37th annual DALMAC Biking tour 2007
The 37th annual DALMAC Biking tour 2007
The Ouad Century...300 Riders... 409 Miles... Four days.... & SC300 Comfort Bike Raleigh USA Bicycles :) I hope he can make it!!! "The 2007 DALMAC offers 2300 bicyclists a choice of five routes beginning in East Lansing on either Wed., Aug. 29"

lamborghini leggenda comfort bike