18 inch boys bike : Front bike wheel.

18 Inch Boys Bike

18 inch boys bike
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18 inch boys bike - Mongoose Decoy
Mongoose Decoy Boy's Bike (18-Inch Wheels)
Mongoose Decoy Boy's Bike (18-Inch Wheels)
R1824 Features: -Decoy boy's bike. -Mongoose collection. -Material: Steel, aluminum, rubber. -Junior sized freestyle frame. -48 spokes wheels and bmx access. -Coaster and caliper front and rear brakes. -Freestyle frame with unicorn fork. -Number plate safety pads training wheels. -Warranty length: 1 year. -Assembly required.

Combining sturdy construction with fun BMX-style elements, the Mongoose Decoy 18-inch boy's bike will give your son a taste of BMX biking without sacrificing safety. The Decoy is equipped with a junior-sized freestyle frame, a unicrown fork, and 48-spoke wheels with steel rims. The bike also includes front and rear caliper brakes and a rear coaster brake, providing all the braking power a child needs to stop safely. Other features include a number plate on the front, safety pads on the handlebars, front freestyle axle pegs, and training wheels to help children get their start.

Frame: Junior-sized freestyle
Fork: Unicrown
Derailleur: N/A
Speeds: 1
Wheels: 48-spoke
Rims: Steel
Front brake: Alloy caliper
Rear brake: Alloy caliper + coaster
Saddle: Padded
Handlebar: Includes safety padding and number plate
Training wheels: Yes
Extras: Front freestyle pegs
About Mongoose
Founded in 1974 in a Southern California garage, Mongoose has always been an innovator. From the company's initial cast-magnesium MotoMag wheels to its current crop of BMX, mountain, and pavement bikes, the Mongoose name has been synonymous with bicycle performance. Mongoose builds specifically for riders, which is why the company's BMX designers aren't wasting time watching reruns on ESPN2. Instead, they're constantly testing their new designs at the park, on the track, and on the hill. This continuous experimentation is what drives Mongoose to cook up things like the Front Porch head tube, which lets you fine-tune the handling on Black Diamond series mountain bikes, or Freedrive suspension technology, which eliminates pedal bob and provides a super-efficient full suspension. Mongoose bikes don't just push the limits; they set new ones.

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18 inch boys bike
18 inch boys bike
Razor 18-inch Kobra Boy's Bicycle
Start your young freestyler off with the fun and safe Kobra Kids Bike from Razor. The foundation of the Razor Freestyle is a strong steel frame and fork. A side pull alloy brake and adjustable, cushioned seat ensure security and comfort. Hit the streets and learn to ride with the Razor Kobra Childrena€s Bicycle.

The Razor Kobra 18-inch bike is the perfect in-between bike for the budding freestyler. This bike is perfect for a little guy that's not quite ready for a full 20-inch bike but is ready for the same features adult bikes sport, such as a gusseted steel frame, sure-stop handbrakes, in the front and rear, motocross-style handlebars, front freestyle pegs, and 36-spoke wheels.
18-inch boy's freestyle bike
Gusseted steel frame
Motocross-style handlebars with cross bar
Sure-stop handbrakes, front and rear
36-spoke wheels
Front freestyle pegs
Assembly required
Lifetime warranty on frame; 6 months for parts
Weight: 30.95 pounds
Product in Inches: 46.0 by 22 by 32 inches (L x W x H)