16 Inch Girls Bicycle

16 inch girls bicycle
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16 inch girls bicycle - Kawasaki K16G
Kawasaki K16G Girls' Bike (16-Inch Wheels)
Kawasaki K16G Girls' Bike (16-Inch Wheels)
Young ladies now have a real Kawaski® bike of their own. This feature packed 16” bike is just like the boys, features real air tires, full bearing construction, coaster brake, frame/handlebar pad-set, handlebar bag, training wheels and topped off with Kawasaki® graphics package that little girls will just love.

This feature-packed 16-inch bicycle is just like the boys' with features such as real air tires, full bearing construction, coaster brakes, frame/handlebar pad set, handlebar bag, training wheels, and a Kawasaki graphics package especially designed for little girls. The frame is steel for long-lasting durability and the front hand and rear coaster brake ensures safety. Training wheels are included to help her learn to ride safely.
16-inch girl's bike
Steel frame
Front hand brake
Rear coaster brake
Training wheels
2-Piece pad set
Padded saddle
Included: training wheels, pad set, handlebar bag, pegs
Manufacturer Suggested Age: 6 Years and Up
Bicycle Frame Height: 10 inch
Bicycle Frame/Component Features: Chain guard, adjustable handlebars
Bicycle Frame Material: Steel
Seat Features: Adjustable seat height
Wheel Height: 16 inch
Rim Material: Metal alloy
Tire Type: Knobby
Tire Width: 2.125 inches
Frame: Low-profile steel
Front Fork: Steel BMX
Rear Brake: Coater brake hub with rear handbrake
Brake levers: Steel / resin right
Crank set: 4 1/2 inch OPC steel
Cog set: 18T sprocket
Rims: Steel 28H purple
Rear hub: Coaster brake hub
Front hub: Steel bolt
Tires: 16 by 2.125 inches
Pedals: Resin youth
Saddle: Padded youth with Kawasaki
Seatpost: Steel
Handlebar: Steel 9- 1 / 2'' rise
Stem: Steel BMX type
Grips: PVC 10mm

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day 72/73 yaya scavenger hunt2
day 72/73 yaya scavenger hunt2
here are the "hard" photos. I took some liberties here because some of the other girls took the "official" photos. We all worked together to find and shoot the items on the list. If one of us managed to get the shot, we crossed it off. I think we did quite well working as a team. Hard: 1. a bridge that is NOT over water 2. 3 animals together 3. a barn that is about to collapse 4. a delicious dessert 5. a store window with a mannequin 6. a found penny (not from purse) 7. two people holding hands 8. a bicycle 9. a woman wearing a hat 10. twins 11. someone with facial hair 12. a musical instrument (bonus if someone playing it) 13. duck or any bird 14. signs of spring 15. something that looks like a letter of the alphabet, but no print 16. natural redhead (m or f) 17. little kids playing outside together 18. a woman with 3 inch or higher heels 19. a sign in a language other than English 20. a stray cat 21. a white picket fence 22. a celebrity 23. a daffodil 24. a rainbow or prism of some sort 25. a pink car.
UNAM - GEHL, Bicycle Infrastructure for Mexico City ------ Infraestructura Ciclista diseñada por UNAM 2008 - 2009 en convenio de colaboración con el GDF
UNAM - GEHL,  Bicycle Infrastructure for Mexico City ------                                Infraestructura Ciclista diseñada por UNAM 2008 - 2009 en convenio de colaboración con el GDF
Describes a method for the planning of bicycle infrastructure in Mega Cities, public bicycles, bike ways and bike parking at Mexico City, developed by UNAM and Gehl through 3 main areas: 1. Cientific research on mobility, a mathematic method very usefull in mid, big size and mega cities. 2. Green Ifraestructure Design principles of Landscape, Social and Archiectural fields. 3. Research on succesfull and failed world experiences. Client: Local Government, GDF-SMA Developed by UNAM with the advisory of Gehl Architects UNAM Head project: Antonio Suarez Gehl Team Leader: Lin C. Skaufel ESPANOL Describe un metodo para planear la infraestructura ciclista en grandes ciudades, este fue desarrollado por la UNAM para planear la Infraestructura Ciclista en la Ciudad de Mexico. 1. Bicicletas publicas 2. Cicloestacionamientos 3. Ciclovias

16 inch girls bicycle
16 inch girls bicycle
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