16 Inch Bike Rim. Giant Electric Bicycle. Wooden Bike Basket.

16 Inch Bike Rim

16 inch bike rim
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16 inch bike rim - Kenda K838
Kenda K838 Slick Wire Bead Bicycle Tire, Blackwall, 26-Inch x 1.95-Inch
Kenda K838 Slick Wire Bead Bicycle Tire, Blackwall, 26-Inch x 1.95-Inch
Kenda K838 Slick Wire Bead Bicycle Tire, Blackwall, 26-Inch x 1.95-Inch comes highly respected аn? іѕ always a regular сh?ісе amongst many people. Thіѕ product contains blackwall, wire bead аn? ехсе??еnt tire.

Patterned after motorcycle tires, the Kenda K838 Slick Wire Bead Bicycle tires offer increased speed and reduced rolling resistance for MTB and hybrid bikes--without sacrificing traction. Unlike a typical MTB knobby tire, the K838 Slick provides a smooth and consistent rolling surface that allows the tire to gain and maintain speed on paved and hard packed surfaces. Meanwhile the tire's wider, 1.95-inch profile and directional grooves provide the traction demanded by all terrain riding. The grooves also effectively channel water to the outer edge of the tire so that you can maintain a grip on wet roads, through puddles, and on wet trails. The blackwall sides reduce the overall weight profile of the tire and the wire bead pattern increases the tire's strength and durability. While not meant for serious off road riding, the Kenda K838 is a good choice for riders who want a smooth and fast experience on the road, but who also want to keep their MTB or hybrid trail ready.
Wheel Size: 26 by 1.95 inches
Weight: 737 grams
Maximum recommended PSI: 65 pounds
Minimum recommended PSI: 40 pounds

88% (6)
Julie with Honda4 Drag Pipes
Julie with Honda4 Drag Pipes
This image of Julie ran in one of our newspaper ads in the sports section. As a former newspaper advertising department artist, I believed firmly in the power of advertising. From January 1, 1970 until mid 1975 we ran an ad in the "motorcycles for sale" classified ads every single day. Changed weekly, we always advertised a specific part and price, never just a name and address. In 1974 when we began running display ads in the sports section Julie became something of a local celebrity. She appeared at our store opening in Fresno the following year as well as handed out catalogs in our booth at the Long Beach,CA Powersports Dealer Show in 1974 wearing this same outfit.. In the mid seventies the promoters of the Cincinnati Dealer Show put on a second show on the West Coast in the late spring. Having traveled to Cincinnati in 1972 and 1973, in 1974 we had a booth at both shows. Looking back, I think one of the reasons for our early success was Chris' s wheel building skills. In 1970 there were no alternatives to Harley-Davidson 16 inch rims. We purchased used rims from customers as well as new ones from the local dealership and had them re-chromed. The Kelsey-Hayes rims the factory used were of very poor quality chrome. We also bought Triumph rear hubs from the local dealer and had them plated. As far as I know at that time we were the only shop in Northern California selling complete rear 16 inch wheel conversions for Triumph motorcycles on an exchange bases. Bring us your unplated stock hub as a core and walk out the same day with a complete wheel, mounted 500x16 tire and all. In time we also built an inventory of Sportster hubs and offered the same program. In our very earliest conversations with Derek Whitehead of Santee Industries we discussed the need for a 16 inch rim in both 40 hole and 36 hole pattern ( for Japanese bikes). He went to work with Southern California import buyers looking for a source. A Japanese company produced a sample that same summer and with input from Gary Bang, Derek had the specs widened by one half inch. The resulting rim was of the highest quality in every aspect, especially the chrome plating. So much so that Harley dealers in each city we operated our retail stores in would send a parts guy over with cash in hand anytime they needed a replacement rim. Since we were distributors for Santee, they even got dealer pricing as a courtesy. Over the next five years we sold thousands of these rims and Santee designed and began importing complete 21,19 and 18 inch diameter small, half brake wheels which became the industry standard. Derek's business grew rapidly with his aggressive merchandising as did his biggest customer, Custom Chrome Inc. In the late eighties Ty and Nace purchased Santee from Derek, making him a stakeholder in the corporation and employing him at their Northern California headquarters on a non-compete contract. When Custom Chrome Inc. went public with a stock offering on Wall Street all three men became millionaires. Photograph of Julie by John Reddick. Scanned from a 35 year old 35mm negative.
Dave V and 650 Triumph chop
Dave V and 650 Triumph chop
Circa 1967, Dave was the first locally to put a Harley springer fork on a 650 Bonneville. His was also one of the first with an HD 16 inch rear rim laced to a Triumph hub/brake assembly. In 1967 you could not buy a complete 21 inch spool wheel like you see on this bike. We bought blank spokes and thread rolling machines from Hap Jones in San Francisco. The spool hub came from the Harley shop and was a racing part number for the KR750 flat track bikes. Steel rims were purchased from the Husqvarna dealer or the Harley dealer. After cutting and threading 40 spokes to fit the whole wheel went to the chrome shop. Lacing and wheel truing were done in the garage at home. Scanned from a 42 year old Kodak print.

16 inch bike rim
16 inch bike rim
Kenda K816 Aggressive MTB Wire Bead Bicycle Tire, Blackskin, 26-Inch x 2.10-Inch
The Kenda Smoke-Style is a value priced mountain tire based on the classic smoke tread pattern.
Kenda does not endorse the use of any fluid-based sealant products in any Kenda tube-type or tubeless-type tires. Use of any fluid-based products will void any warranty claims
Item Specifications
Tire BeadSteel
ISO Diameter559 / 26" mtn
ISO Width53mm
Labeled Size2.1
Color Tread/SideBlack/Black
Tire TypeClincher
Tire Diameter26"
Tire UseMountain
Defined ColorBlack