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Logitech Cordless Trackman Wheel Optical Mouse

logitech cordless trackman wheel optical mouse
    optical mouse
  • A mouse that uses an LED and optical sensor to detect movement and send signals to the computer.
  • Optical mice work in the same manner as traditional mice, the difference being that an optical mouse has an infrared sensor in place of the traditional mouse ball.
  • An optical mouse uses a light-emitting diode and photodiodes to detect movement relative to the underlying surface, unlike wheeled mice which use a set of one rolling ball and two chopper wheels for motion detection.
  • Logitech International S.A. (, ), headquartered in Romanel-sur-Morges, Switzerland, is the holding company for Logitech Group, a Swiss peripheral-device maker. Logitech makes peripheral devices for PCs, including keyboards, mice, game controllers and webcams.
  • The term cordless literally means without a cord and is generally used to refer to electrical or electronic devices that are powered by a battery or battery pack and can operate without a power cord or cable attached to a fixed electricity supply such as an outlet, generator, or other
  • A type of phone where the handset is not connected to a device by a cord, allowing the user to move about while placing or receiving a call.
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logitech cordless trackman wheel optical mouse - Logitech Cordless
Logitech Cordless TrackMan Wheel
Logitech Cordless TrackMan Wheel
Cordless freedom, comfort and performance. Thumb-operated ball with advanced optical sensor for exceptionally smooth tracking. Contoured, right-handed design for enchanced comfort. Digital RF technology for a clutter-free cordless experience. Customizable buttons for easy access to key tasks. Scroll wheel and drag lock buttons for easy navigation. 1-3/4" x 2-31/50" x 5-3/25". Windows 98, 2000, Me, XP, Vista certified and Mac OS 8.6 or later. USB and PS/2 connectivity. Manufacturer's five-year warranty.

The Logitech Cordless TrackMan Wheel provides you with unprecedented desktop flexibility. Digital radio technology allows it to work without being pointed at the computer, so even on crowded desks, you can use it where and how you want. Work anywhere within a 6-foot radius of the receiver. Optical technology delivers superior precision and performance for detailed work and smooth tracking for longer use. The Logitech cordless wheel boasts long battery life and includes a battery indicator to warn you when the battery is low. Software updates are available for download at Logitech.com.

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Red Optical Mouse
Red Optical Mouse
CKP-MO4024 Their ergonomic design brings to you excellent comfort in use. They fit your hand smoothly and elegantly, so they become into the best developing tool
Black Optical Mouse
Black Optical Mouse
CKP-MO4023 Their ergonomic design brings to you excellent comfort in use. They fit your hand smoothly and elegantly, so they become into the best developing tool

logitech cordless trackman wheel optical mouse
logitech cordless trackman wheel optical mouse
Logitech - Optical TrackMan Cordless Mouse
Logitech - Optical TrackMan Cordless Mouse, 6-Button/Scroll, Programmable, Black/Silver - Sold As 1 Each

Experience trackball precision without the cords. Optical Marble technology tracks smoothly and is virtually maintenance free. WebWheel software along with forward and back buttons take the effort out of Web and document browsing. Features scroll wheel and customizable buttons that allow you to personalize your controls for increased productivity. Digital radio technology requires no line of sight for true cordless freedom. Innovative extras include exclusive cruise control and smart power management providing over six months of battery life. Connector/Port/Interface: PS/2; USB; Left/Right Hand Use: Right; Mouse Technology: Optical; Trackball; Wired/Wireless: Wireless.

Wireless trackball precision.
Optical Marble technology.
Scroll wheel and customizable buttons.
Digital radio technology.

Includes WebWheelTM software.