First Wheels Double Pushchair

first wheels double pushchair
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first wheels double pushchair - The First
The First Years Indigo Stroller, Urban Life
The First Years Indigo Stroller, Urban Life
The First Years Indigo Stroller is a durable modular Euro styled frame rated for use to 50 pounds. It also offers an easy release reversible seat with a point harness for rear or forward facing use.

The First Years Indigo Stroller-Easier for You, More Comfortable for your Baby! Finally a stroller that is durable and, yes, it really will comfortably fit your little one up to 50 lbs. The modular Euro styled design and contemporary fashions combined with our unique reversible seat will make people take a second look! Keep your eye on your infant simply by releasing the seat and turning it to the rear facing mode. You can watch over your little one and they can watch over you.
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The Indigo Stroller
At a Glance:

Durable, modular Euro styled frame rated for use to 50 lbs
Easy release reversible seat with a 5 pt harness for rear or forward facing use
Taller handle height
Universal attachment for use with most infant car seats
Easy one hand fold with or without seat removed
Dimensions: 34.5" x 18.5 W x 41" (L x W x H)

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The First Years Indigo Stroller

This modular Euro-style stroller will comfortably fit your little one up to 50 lbs.

The First Years Indigo Stroller

Featuring an easy-release reversible seat with a five-point harness for rear- or forward-facing use. View larger.
Still using an Infant car seat? The First Years' Via Infant Car Seat snaps easily into the Indigo frame. Our universal attachment (included) means you can use many of our competitors seats as well.
As your infant begins their toddler years, simply release the seat and turn it to the forward facing mode and they can see what they have been missing! And the adjustable foot rest insures a comfortable ride every time. The larger wheels, 7" in the front and 8" in the back, means your stroller will glide over any surface.
Worried about keeping your little one in their seat? The addition of the five point harness means your little one is securely seated. And for you, the taller handle height means no more hitting the back side of the stroller or the wheels while you go for that afternoon walk or trip to the store.
The cloth covered bumper bar means your little one can attach their favorite little toy with out any fear of losing it.
Sunny day---no worries, the fully adjustable and removable (for those cloudy days) canopy means your little one will always ride in the comfort of shade. If your little one starts to nod off during your long afternoon walk, simply use the recline feature and they can comfortably snooze while you continue on your way!
The large upper storage console for you means your water bottle, your keys, your wallet and more are easy to access as you are out and about. And the underneath storage provides plenty of room for your diaper bag and any other "extras" you bring or buy along the way. When you stop along the way, the rear wheel brakes will allow the stroller to stay in place. The Indigo stroller also features an easy one hand fold and weighs only 22 lbs.
For a full list of the features of this stroller please refer to the sidebar.
What's in the Box
The First Years Indigo Stroller (Urban Life, Gray), universal attachment for infant car seat, and instruction manual.

The First Years Indigo Stroller

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According to the Highway Code, a sign in a red circle like this means it is an order, and probably prohibitive. So this really means 'No Pushchairs'. Not 'Park here if you've got a pushchair', which is what they probably intended.
A Red Pushchair left all alone in the middle of the turbine hall at Tate Modern

first wheels double pushchair
first wheels double pushchair
Chicco Ct0.6 Capri Lightweight Stroller, Tangerine
With its lightweight, aluminum frame and stylish new design details, the Chicco Ct0.6/Capri stroller is trendy and travel-friendly. The Ct0.6/Capri's new rounder, roomier canopy can be adjusted to help you better protect your child from the weather. The padded five-point harness and multi-position reclining seat is guaranteed to keep your child safe and satisfied. You can take your Ct0.6/Capri almost anywhere with its all-wheel suspension and front wheel swivel locks. Best of all, the Ct0.6/Capri only weighs eleven pounds and comes with a fashionable carry bag and carry strap making transport and storage easy.