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4 Wheel Parts Tires

4 wheel parts tires
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side minus nerf
side minus nerf
Took nerf bars I fabbed off to leak test them and prep for some spray on bed liner material- so absent in photo. What you didn't think there was room for the on-board air storage tanks under the lil truck did you? Both bumpers and the nerf bars are pressurized from the on board air system. What to notice here is the new stance from the big meats on 2.5 reverse back space rims, the mirror relocation/ hinge mods, and the side profile of the new rear bumper. You can also see the clean bikini top I made from the torn up original top. :D The spring lift is on the way out- don't ever use any Calmini products- they S-U-C-K. I can say that first hand because that is what is currently under the truck. Better off welding the axle to solid blocks- zero articulation and rides like a rail road car. The method of bolt up was questionable at best. We will be putting in a 6 inch coil lift from Rocky Road Outfitters after the motor project is done to replace the POS Calmini. While i am on the subject of s.u.c.k avoid 4 Wheel Parts (yeah the morons with the magazine) over several run ins with them they screwed me over every time. They want to just throw money at a project and no real clue of what makes something work well off road. Need your ride pimped and got lots of money to waste they might be a place to waste it- want a deal or it done RIGHT look elsewhere! Avoid any shop that insists on putting $5k or more into aluminum rims if you actually plan to drive off road. Can you believe those morons all but insisted on ALUMINUM for this rig?? Bling don't cut the mustard in the dirt. Since I'll be racing PRO very shortly (different truck)- they are missing out big time. Not going to ever see their label on my truck!! Rear seat is folded up and matching spare sitting in bed until the swing out tire carrier is done. One of these days. Gosh i wish it was ready for paint. Leave me some comments- I can tell you guys are checkin it out. Share the love baby!
The O'Reilly Auto Parts 12th Annual Ozark 4 Wheel Jamboree Nationals
The O'Reilly Auto Parts 12th Annual Ozark 4 Wheel Jamboree Nationals
General Tire sliding sideways into the ramp and the winner of the drag High Maintenance catching some air.

4 wheel parts tires