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Bike Football Jerseys

bike football jerseys
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  • The game of football is any of several similar team sports, of similar origins which involve, to varying degrees, kicking a ball with the foot in an attempt to score a goal. The most popular of these sports worldwide is association football, more commonly known as just "football" or "soccer".
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France International Soccer Jersey, French National Team Replica Jersey, OSFM_OneSize
France International Soccer Jersey, French National Team Replica Jersey, OSFM_OneSize
International Soccer jerseys are the perfect way to route for your favorite country while at the game or on the field. These light weight official quality jerseys are just like the real thing and are fashioned after the ones your favorite players wear. Soccer Jerseys feature official international logos, colors and styling and have all the great features you would come to expect from a pro jersey. Our Soccer Jerseys come in one size, Athletic Medium / Large, which measures 22" across the chest (From arm pit to arm pit) and 28" long (From collar to the bottom of the shirt.).

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UNHCR News Story: Q&A: Norwegian bikes to South Africa for refugee awareness in run-up to World Cup
UNHCR News Story: Q&A: Norwegian bikes to South Africa for refugee awareness in run-up to World Cup
On Your Bike: Bjorn Heidenstrom leaves UNHCR's headquarters in Geneva for Lyon en route to South Africa and the World Cup. UNHCR / S. Hopper / October 2009 Q&A: Norwegian bikes to South Africa for refugee awareness in run-up to World Cup. GENEVA, October 28 (UNHCR) – Football is in Bjorn Heidenstrom's blood. He used to play professionally in his native Norway and in the United Kingdom. The 41-year-old marketing and media manager for Norwegian Premier League team Valerenga is also a humanitarian. Earlier this year, he set out by bicycle from Norway en route for South Africa, which he plans to reach in time for next June's 2010 World Cup. Heidenstrom will be raising awareness about refugees as well as collecting signed football shirts from professional and amateur clubs in the countries along his route. These will be used to make the world's largest football shirt, which will be displayed in South Africa. Earlier this week, he paid an impromptu visit to the Geneva headquarters of the UN refugee agency. Before heading off to his next stop, Lyon in France, Heidenstrom talked about his grand bike tour to UNHCR's Haude Morel, Jeremy Bogen and Leo Dobbs: Excerpts from the interview: Why refugees? The most focused thing in my brain was refugees, it's very easy to absorb. Many of them lost kids, I have kids; many of them lost their parents, I'm a parent. Photographs I see make it so easy for me to take it in and say, "Hey, that's the most important thing in the world where I can help bring some change and spread some awareness." Also, my kids are in school and they come to me and say, "Hey, refugees, Daddy." How did you come up with the ideas for a bike ride and football shirts? In my first job as marketing manager at a premier league club, we got a lot of sponsors' money, bought four players and then the money was gone. That was fun. But then a very good friend told me how I could use the football arena, the football family, to spread values or to change mindsets about values. Then I started thinking of some cause to promote. In Norway, we have a big tradition of exploration and the best known adventurer of all is Fridtjof Nansen [the late polar explorer and first High Commissioner for Refugees]. One evening, I mused that the only place you could find grown-up lads, tattooed, crying together, singing together and hugging each other, was in a football stadium. They do it because they are tribe members and they follow a shirt with a logo on it, such as a red one for Liverpool, or a black-and-white one for Newcastle and so on. I thought, what if I take that symbol, those colours, that shirt and I sew it together with another shirt and another shirt and make the world's biggest football shirt? Then, what if I expose that shirt during the World Cup football tournament with 900 million people watching? That would be good exposure, bring a lot of attention to the symbol or cause. I thought of the football family standing together and thinking about refugees, caring about refugees, spreading awareness about refugees. That's a good idea, I thought, so I called a friend on the South African World Cup Committee. And he says, "Yeah I like it, I am going to speak with the big guys in the committee." He came back and said: "They like it – what are you planning to do?"... I said "I'll cycle. I'll cycle through all of these football countries and collect football shirts from fans and players." I thought that a man on a bike, uniting the football fraternity to support this symbol [of the shirt] for the refugee cause will get a lot of media attention. You started cycling on World Refugee Day. Tell us about your progress. I started on World Refugee Day [June 20] in front of the Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo. And I've been through Sweden, Finland, Russia and many more – this is Day 129. And it's been working. Sir Elton John signed a jersey of his favourite team, Watford, and said, "I want to be a part of this project." Then we got Iron Maiden, the heavy metal group; then we got Liverpool and Manchester United. But for me the coolest part has been the small boys' and girls' team, or fans, saying they want to be a part of this by sending in their signed old football shirts. So far, it looks like some 20 million people have heard about my trip from the media. I should mention here that the start group for me was the [UNHCR partner] Norwegian Refugee Council, who basically said to me three years ago, we need more attention... Now we are getting more and more support and attention. For example, a few days ago when I was heading for France, I got the message that I must cycle to Zurich to meet Sepp Blatter, the president of FIFA. I was told, "He wants to give you his signed shirt, shake your hand." That was a good day for the project, it's like meeting Obama. After him, a message came from Nyon, the headquarters
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bike football jerseys