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Work Wheels Equip

work wheels equip
  • (wheel) a simple machine consisting of a circular frame with spokes (or a solid disc) that can rotate on a shaft or axle (as in vehicles or other machines)
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work wheels equip - Wagan EL2257
Wagan EL2257 12 Volt Impact Wrench
Wagan EL2257 12 Volt Impact Wrench
The 12V Impact Wrench is designed to loosen and tighten vehicle lug nuts for tires. Keep it in your trunk for roadside emergencies. Simply plug it into your 12V DC vehicle power to quickly and easily change your tires. It uses low power and does not require alligator clamps to the battery to use. The 12v Impact Wrench is packed in a convenient plastic carrying case. Also includes 2 double socket wrenches, 17/19 mm and 21/23 mm, plus 2 spare fuses. The impact wrench features a bubble level on the top, a forward/reverse switch, LED power indicator and 11.4 feet power cord, Amperage draw - 8 ampere, no load speed - 5000 RPM maximum torque - 271 feet pounds, sound pressure level - 83 decibel, acoustic power level -94 decibel, square retainer diameter – 0.5 inch.

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Team 5 Star: Rockin' Equips!
Team 5 Star:  Rockin' Equips!
No knockoffs! They're legit Work Equip 03s. While this wheel is very, very popular, it still has a timeless look that I'll always love. A drop and some fresh wheels can make a car, it really can!
Equip de futbol
Equip de futbol
Euip de futbol d'Alos. Foto al camp de futbol d'Alos. Entrenadors de l'equip: Andreu (Carli), Albert (Piquan) o Antonio (Magre) Any 80 Foto cedida pel Jordi (Sarau)

work wheels equip
work wheels equip
PayLine: International Harvester's Construction Equipment Division
To many people, a wheel loader is called a PayLoader, thanks to the dominance of the classic rubber-tired, hydraulic front-end loader first developed by the Frank G. Hough company in 1944. When International Harvester acquired Hough and combined it with its struggling construction equipment division in 1974, PayLine was born, with the PayLoader as its signature machine.

This book tells the story of PayLine, which marked the high point of International Harvester's foray into construction equipment. Oscar H. Will III chronicles the company's early efforts, its success with machines ranging from the PayLoader to the PayHauler, and it's expansion right up to its sale to Dresser Industries in 1982.

With attention to each particular model, including history, specifications, market position, and color photographs of these mighty machines at work, this book is a fitting tribute to International Harvester's giants in the earth, and a critical chapter in the story of American industry.