Wheel Horse 314

wheel horse 314
    wheel horse
  • A responsible and hardworking person, esp. an experienced and conscientious member of a political party
  • An intimate friend, one's right hand man.
  • a draft horse harnessed behind others and nearest the wheels of a vehicle
  • A horse harnessed nearest the wheels of a vehicle
  • Wheel Horse was a manufacturer of outdoor and garden power equipment, including lawn and garden tractors. The company's headquarters were in South Bend, Indiana.
  • 314 may refer to: * The year 314 * 314 (number) * Boeing 314 * In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 314 is a reference to the top-secret man/machine/demon hybrid, Adam. * 314 refers to indecent exposure
  • * 8 October—War between Constantine I and Licinius: Licinius is defeated at the Battle of Cibalae and loses all of his territory in Europe.
  • 300 (three hundred) is the natural number following 299 and preceding 301.
wheel horse 314 - Happy Trails
Happy Trails Plush Walking Horse with Wheels and Foot Rest
Happy Trails Plush Walking Horse with Wheels and Foot Rest
Happy Trails Plush Walking Horse with Wheels and Foot Rest... it's a cozy, high - action buddy for hours of play! Soft, plush and lovable! This Happy Trails Plush Walking Horse with Wheels and Foot Rest is sure to be a hit with any kid! Fuzzy and friendly, the Horse is hand-crafted with a hardwood core, and stands on a sturdy wood foundation for safe use. Features sturdy wheels that roll along for moving around the room! Foot rests flip up and down too, for use whenever they're needed. It's the perfect accent for your child's room, and is a fun way to get excess energy out! Measures 12 x 23 x 28 1/2". Max weight limit: 80 lbs. Made for kids, ages 2 years and up. Order yours right here, right now! Happy Trails Plush Walking Horse with Wheels and Foot Rest

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Brute force - Dodge Nitro 2007
Brute force - Dodge Nitro 2007
This is Dodge’s baby for 2007 which started off as a concept SUV. By Tushal Bhadang Four-by-four’s are darlings of the Middle East market, and when they’re as radically designed as the new Dodge Nitro, it only eggs people to adopt the difference in appearance. At first glance the Nitro looks large and beefy. Exaggerated flared wheel arches and tough off-road tyres give it strong road presence. The body from after the front fender toward the rear closely resembles the Jeep Commander. There are no curves on the Nitro, its boxy design appears bold and unrelenting. . Industrial strength exterior door handles are tough to look and use. The front bumper did catch our interest, if European cars have large open mouth radiator grilles; this bucking bronco has an extended chin and a very low one. It’s the first thing after the signature chrome cross hatch grille that shouts there is a brutal beast lurking under The Nitro is available in two V6 engine variants (3.7 litre and 4 litre), the car we had for test had a transverse mounted Magnum 3.7 litre 205 hp easy-going motor which leisurely revved to a peak of 5200 RPM. But the torque of 314 Nm@4000 RPM is what this motor is all about, it pulls away like a train, but a lot of its own body weight seems to bog it down. The motor only starts howling over 4000 RPM. Though even at city speeds, the exhaust note is deep, clearly announcing your arrival. Power delivery is smooth but the four-speed gearbox is a let down, it just doesn’t shift up or down as quickly as you’d want it to. Throttle response is sluggish as well, though once spanked; it goes like a scalded cat. All the torque can be put to particularly good use for towing and the Nitro has a small button that transfers all the juice to the rear wheels for best traction when towing. A tow hook has to be attached separately. Weighing in at 1.8 tons it wanted to swing its heavy rear out at turns, so we had to be careful. The long wheelbase of 2770mm is good for straight line stability but increases the turning radius to 12 metres. 210mm ground clearance is just about acceptable. She is a respectable off-road vehicle with a part-time 4WD transfer case that can be switched via a dash mounted knob. In regular driving, 2-wheel-drive with the power going to the rear wheels, the steering feels light and ride quality is soft and bouncy. Even small indents on the road surface make her bob all over the place. The same suspension is very comfortable off the black, absorbing even the worst surfaces without a hitch. So it is more suitable for off-roading than on the road. As you sit high up, the visibility is extremely good and reversing is not an issue either, as there are no thick pillars to obstruct vision, though parking sensors would’ve been a bonus. Our Khaki coloured Nitro had khaki interiors, khaki dash board, khakhi cloth seat covers, khaki door trim, everything in a variant of Khakhi! The only bright spots being the chrome garnish on the shift knob and cleverly designed door release latches. A single disc DVD/CD/MP3/WMA player is standard (no video display screen) with six speakers. The foot wells are illuminated and steering is adjustable for rake. The dashboard is flat in design and short people may have some ergonomic problems with having to reach out to all the switches. A triple-barrel speedo is attractive and backlit in white while the highly tactile buttons are backlit in green. Interior fit and finish is overall good but very rugged in design and feel. This makes the car feel brawny, women, are you reading this? It features a Load 'n' Go, a cargo storage system whereby the rear seats and front passenger seat fold totally flat in seconds; additionally, the cargo floor slides rearward out over the rear bumper, and can hold 181 kgs, making the loading of heavy objects much easier and prevents back injuries and it still manages to sit five passengers in comfort. The Nitro comes equipped with four airbags for the front passengers and disc brakes on all four wheels. ABS, EBD and ESP are standard through out the model range. Additionally, a tyre pressure monitoring system does a system check on start up and warns appropriately. Part of the problem with the bouncy on-road ride quality can be directed towards the 16” steel wheels, though an optional 20” rim is available in R/T trim, we’re assuming it will handle better with larger rims. Our Nitro came with 235/70 R16 off-road rubber. Last word The Nitro is the first mid-size SUV from Dodge, and has all the Dodge character. It's built on the platform of the future Jeep Liberty, and actually feels bigger than its size. People would buy this car for the boxy but attractive looks and if it wasn’t for the low extended chin (we got sand into its teeth a few times), it would do even better off road. On the road, we felt it handled better with the 4WD engaged, it won’t take you through Sahara but it will take you through Sakhir. The full spec R/T model comes with a new 4
German 8.8cm K-Flak Batterie 188
German 8.8cm K-Flak Batterie 188
Nothing on reverse. The crew of an 8.8cm K-Flak (K stands for Kraftwagen) battery pose beside their tractor and gun. I asked Dr. Hannes Tager to give me his expert opinion on this photograph. Alfred Krupp could not have provided a more detailed response. "One cannot see a lot of the features of the lorry but I am convinced that we are looking at a so-called Artillerie-Kraftzugmaschine KD1 manufactured by Krupp-Daimler with 100 horse powers, four cylinders, Mercedes “basket carburetor" and four-wheel drive. The lorry had 8 speeds for driving forward and 2 for driving backward. The wooden wheels had iron tyres (You know the lack or raw material caused by the blockade). Note the camouflage pattern of the tarpaulin. The Geschutzwagen (cannon vehicle) is without any doubt made by Krupp (and not by Rheinmetall). There were three different calibres of schwere (heavy) K-Flak existing: 8.0, 8.8 and 10.5 cm. The “8.8” was the best and most often used (160 pieces) before 8.0 (78 pieces) and some 10.5. The highest K-Flakbatterie number I am aware of is 216. To my knowledge the Batterien (German: plural of Batterie) number 105 and 107-141 were 8.0?s (makes 35 Batterien with 70 of 78 guns). So, we have probably a an 8.8 in the picture [in-spite of my first impression pointing to an 8.0]. The identification is not easy because both types were nearly identical and differed more in size or dimension than in anything else. Some data for the 8.8: The gun vehicle without lorry had a weight of 3010 kg. The lorry had a weight of 7300 kg. Velocity at the barrel was 765 meters per second. Weight of the grenade was 9.6 kg with only 0.6 kg explosive. The fuse S/26 of the German Navy?s artillery was used, late in the war also new mechanical double fuses. Greatest distance was 10800 meters and greatest altitude of the grenades 6850 meters. Maximum elevation of the gun was 70°. Concerning the remark “rest” on the black board: A German heavy Flak battery had (in general) only two guns but required 3 officers and 50 NCO and soldiers as personnel. The correct strength (per schedule) are listed for K-Flakbatterie 216 in Soederbaum/Taeger: “German Flak in World War One” in “Over the Front”, vol. 17, number 4, Winter 2002, pages 314-333. Today I know there are some little mistakes in the article but in general it is one of the few longer contributions about WWI Flak."

wheel horse 314
wheel horse 314
Predator-314-2 Shaft-Viking Quick Release

Predator 314 2nd Shaft with a Viking Quick Release Joint.

Once again, Predator is changing the game with the second generation of its notorious 314 shafts. With re-engineered front ends for even greater accuracy than the first generation, there's no question the 314 2nd will take your game to the next level. But only time will tell how many opponents you take down in the process. If you want high-performance and the feel of a traditional, or professional taper, try the 314 2nd shaft.