Shogun Spare Wheel Cover - 18 Wheels Of Steel Pack

Shogun Spare Wheel Cover

shogun spare wheel cover
    spare wheel
  • Motor caravans are supplied with a spare wheel as standard, but for caravans this is often an optional extra, although strongly recommended
  • A spare tire is an additional tire (or tyre - see spelling differences) carried in a motor vehicle as a replacement for one that goes flat, a blowout, or other emergency.
  • A hereditary commander-in-chief in feudal Japan. Because of the military power concentrated in his hands and the consequent weakness of the nominal head of state (the mikado or emperor), the shogun was generally the real ruler of the country until feudalism was abolished in 1867
  • a hereditary military dictator of Japan; the shoguns ruled Japan until the revolution of 1867-68
  • (shogunate) dictatorship: a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc.)
  • Shogun (renamed Samurai Swords in 1995) was a board wargame released in 1986 by game maker Milton Bradley as part of their Gamemaster series.
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shogun spare wheel cover - Allen Deluxe
Allen Deluxe 3-Bike Spare Tire Mount Rack
Allen Deluxe 3-Bike Spare Tire Mount Rack
Deluxe Spare Tire Mounted 3-Bike Carrier

Carry your bicycles as securely as possible and avoid the hassles of piled bikes or high-threshold rooftop mounts with the Allen 303DB deluxe three-bike spare-tire mount rack. Designed to fit nearly all externally mounted spare tires--including those with "Over the Tire" third brake lights--the Allen mount rack is both easy to operate and super secure for your bikes. The rack simply hooks over your spare tire, with a patented design that caries your bikes up high, where it's away from the road and the hot exhaust. The rack's patented tie-down system, meanwhile, individually secures and protects up to three bikes at once. As easy to install as it is to use, the rack sets up in seconds.
About Allen Bike Racks In 1967, after a few years of working on the aerospace technology for the Apollo missions, Dick Allen was out of a job. Government cutbacks led Allen, a Harvard-trained physicist, to transform his garage hobby into a new industry. A cycling enthusiast, inventor, and family man, Allen had a personal need for a bike-carrying device. On weekends, he would take his sons and wife to Cape Cod or the White Mountains of New Hampshire. What proved difficult time and again was the transport of his family's bicycles. Rather than fight through inconvenience with twine and a dinged car, Allen sought an answer for himself as well as a market in which he foresaw major growth possibilities.
Always a pathfinder, Allen took to work in his Lincoln, Massachusetts garage in search of a more efficient way to transport bikes. Drafting designs during the day and constructing them throughout the night, he put together a model made of electrical conduit, metal strapping, and fire hose casings (for padding). At first, the Allens tested the prototype on weekend excursions. Finding the first trunk-mounted rack to be a success, Dick started Allen Bike Racks shortly afterward. Dealer acceptance came quickly, and by 1971 Allen Bike Racks were sold nationally through a number of major bicycle distributors. Today, the company owns over three dozen patents and offers a versatile product line of bike racks while Dick's son Alex now owns and operates the business. What started out as a small garage-run operation now operates three warehouses nationally, two factories abroad, and sells products in more than a dozen countries around the world.

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Reserverad | Spare wheel
Reserverad | Spare wheel
Hinterreifen platt? Kein Problem, wenn man sein Ersatzrad bei sich fuhrt. Flat Backwheel? No problem, if you carry a spare wheel.
Full-Size Spare Wheel
Full-Size Spare Wheel
Full-Size Spare Wheel with matching wheel rim. Also pictured are the Jack and the Audi Tool Kit.

shogun spare wheel cover
shogun spare wheel cover
The Club #491 Tire Claw Security Device
Finally there's a easy and secure way to protect your car, trailer, ATV or motorcycle from theft. The Club Tire Claw installs in seconds on your car, trailer, ATV or motorcycle and makes it virtually impossible for a thief to move your property. Unlike a chain or cable, you don't have to secure your vehicle or trailer to a fixed object, you can secure your vehicle in a campsite just as easily as in your own driveway. Its vinyl dipped tips protect your rims from damage. The Tire Claw secures with a self locking feature and the laser encrypted key cannot be copied. The Tire Claw fits wheels up to 19" and up to a 12" width. Give yourself peace of mind with both a visual and physical deterrent to theft with the Club Tire Claw.