Leather Steering Wheel Refurbish

leather steering wheel refurbish
    steering wheel
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leather steering wheel refurbish - Tolo Toys
Tolo Toys Baby Driver
Tolo Toys Baby Driver
This brightly colored Steering Wheel makes a Clicking sound as you move the gear stick. Squeaky horn. Turning, rattling wheel, spinning arrows. Suction cup base. The position of the steering wheel can be altered. Tolo Toys award winning designs, bright colors and cute characters make growing up fun. Specially designed to stimulate a child's interest and curiosity, these toys encourage important developmental skills, while upholding high standards of safety and durability.

Features include:

•Made of high quality plastic in vibrant colors
•Clicking, Squeaking fun
•Suction base
•Steering wheel
•Safe and Durable

83% (12)
DMT 70 - 1960 AC Aceca Bristol 'Ace Bodied'
DMT 70 - 1960 AC Aceca Bristol 'Ace Bodied'
This car was originally built by AC Cars Ltd as an Aceca-Bristol two-seater fixed-head coupe. The notable Motor Dealer and Racer, Mr Ken Rudd supplied it to first owner, Mr F K Sharpe of Lincoln on 11th February 1960. As delivered the car was finished in Princess Blue with red leather interior and silver wheels, it also sported the desirable options of an overdrive gearbox and front disc brakes. The AC was next heard of during 1980, when a Mr P Ward rescued the non-running car from a garage in Bristol. By that time it had lain dormant for many years and along the way had acquired a one-off coupe body. Deterred by the estimated quote for repairs that he received from AC Cars Ltd, Mr Ward decided to sell the two-seater. Thereafter, it passed through the hands of several well-known AC Owners' Club members who began the process of restoration. The chassis and suspension were completely refurbished and a new aluminium Ace body was commissioned from renowned metalworkers Shapecraft, copied from the earliest known surviving AC Ace (chassis number AE24). The current owner acquired the unfinished project, less engine and gearbox, in 1999 and spent several years completing the work. A correct specification engine and gearbox were fitted and the AC reunited with its original registration mark, 'DMT 70' (non-transferable), having been reserved by the DVLA pending completion. The AC Owners' Club committee accepted the car as being the original vehicle, and it appears in their Aceca-Bristol register with the comment that it is now Ace-bodied. Sensible upgrades were incorporated to make the two-seater better suited to today's road conditions but these can easily be reversed by a new owner should they so wish. The uprated components comprise: rack and pinion steering (original steering system is supplied); stainless steel manifolds and exhausts; better headlamps; higher efficiency oil pump; electric fuel pump; stainless steel fuel tank; locking filler cap; spin-on oil filter conversion; diaphragm clutch; thermostatically controlled electric cooling fan and dual-circuit brake master cylinder. After 2,000 miles the opportunity arose - and was taken - to acquire the car's original Bristol 100D2 engine. The straight-six was then entrusted to a professional firm for an extensive overhaul which included the fitting of new pistons and bearings and the conversion of its original cylinder head to take unleaded valve seats and valves etc. Since being re-installed, it has been run-in and set-up on a rolling road to ensure that it performs as a 100D2 unit should. After being off the road for the best part of 30 years, the AC now looks stunning in a subtle metallic silver colour. While to the interior, its red leather upholstery and similarly hued carpets are offset by a Mota-Lita wood rim steering wheel and black-faced instruments. Having been zeroed during restoration, the odometer stands at less than 5,000 miles, with the original engine having done about 2,000 miles since being refreshed. No hood is fitted.
Brought this car back to life
Brought this car back to life
When I first got this Fiero, it was stored in a barn for many years. The interior was musty. The headliner was tattered and crumbling. I installed new headliner, seat coverings, cleaned the interior, installed a new leather wrapped steering wheel and $$ leather shift knob. Installed new Pioneer speakers, and refurbished the crumbling subwoofer speaker.

leather steering wheel refurbish
leather steering wheel refurbish
REFURBISH ANTIQUE TELEPHONES FOR FUN AND HOBBY: Step by step instructions to take an old telephone and return it to its original working order. No electronics or telephone knowledge needed.
You don't need to know anything about electronics or telephones to refurbish your own non-working antique telephone. Simply follow the step-by-step procedures outlined in Refurbish Antique Telephones for Fun and Hobby to make your antique telephone look and work just as it did one hundred years ago. Turn a dust-laden oak wall phone into a beautiful piece of furniture that will serve as the focal point of an office, kitchen, or hallway. Transform a vintage Sultan phone from the 1920s into an instant conversation piece. Easy-to-follow circuit diagrams are provided, along with loads of pictures to help walk you through the process of restoring your own small piece of history. There are even instructions on how to create a hidden touch-tone dial. All you need to get started are some basic tools and an old telephone. So hit those antique stores and flea markets with abandon, because Refurbish Antique Telephones for Fun and Hobby will help make your next telephone restoration project a success.