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Brent Pottery Wheel Parts

brent pottery wheel parts
    pottery wheel
  • In pottery, a potter's wheel is a machine used in the shaping of round ceramic wares. The wheel may also be used during the process of trimming excess body from dried wares and for applying incised decoration or rings of color.
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brent pottery wheel parts - Potter's Pottery
Potter's Pottery Wheel By Brent Has The Strength And Features Of Larger Potter's Wheels And Includes Splash Pan
Potter's Pottery Wheel By Brent Has The Strength And Features Of Larger Potter's Wheels And Includes Splash Pan
Here is a sturdy and reliable new wheel from one of the best-known names in pottery supplies. Since 1969 American Art Clay Co. has been making top-notch wheels. This model, the IE, is a great choice for the hobby potter that wants a wheel that will last and give steady, reliable performance. The wheel handles up to 75 lbs. of clay on a a 12" diameter aluminum wheel head that includes removable bat pins and a plastic bat. The body of the wheel consists of a 3/16" iron frame holding a 1" wood table with a laminate surface. The motor is 1/4hp- 6 amp industrial grade that is designed to run up to 4 hours a day, 5 days a week for 5 years, a total of 5000+ hours before needing a set of brushes which are easily installed. The speed of 0-240 RPM is controlled electronically through a cast aluminum foot pedal. The belt that drives the wheel is a 4-groove poly belt that automatically tensions itself with use. Included with the wheel is a high density polypropylene splash pan that snaps on and off for easy cleaning. The wheel is designed for right hand use only. Best of all, Amoco is so sure of the quality that they back this wheel with a 5 year limited warranty.

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Tool Time Pottery Wheel
Tool Time Pottery Wheel
made from parts from a treadmill--needs a little tweaking to slow it down some..
Pottery Wheel
Pottery Wheel
My son's hands as he works the pottery wheel for the first time.

brent pottery wheel parts
brent pottery wheel parts
Sculpting Wheel- 7" Diameter All Metal with Ball Bearings
If you are a painter, sculptor or decorator working in ceramics, pottery, floral arranging, model-making, clay design, cake decorating and other artistic work you will find this wheel a perfect choice. The base and top are all high grade and heavy duty made of nearly indestructible heavy cast metal joined with a heavy-duty ball bearing that allows the top to spin easily. Holds up to 40 lbs. The base has a non-skid rubber boot that holds the wheel firmly in place without the need to drill holes in your work station. The top is designed with concentric circles to allow easy centering of your work and the rim is weighted to give the wheel extra momentum when you spin it. It is tall enough (3-3/4") for you to get your hand beneath the top so you can rotate it while you work. Although it has heavy-duty construction it is still light enough (5 lbs.) so that you can easily move it around when necessary.