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Metal Photo Holders

metal photo holders
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Metal & Concrete Sculpture at Tomoka State Park
Metal & Concrete Sculpture at Tomoka State Park
This sculpture is at least as old as I am, but in this case, I'm happy to say, I'm holding up better than it is! For a generation, people have been coming to see this impressive piece of art. I hadn't been to visit it for over 25 years, and was really upset to see how much damage had taken place in that time. While most of the metal work was intact, the second figure from the top, that of a woman, was literally beheaded! It made the piece look almost pornagraphic. How sad that the state of Florida allowed this to happen, especially in a park where admission is charged to enter! One has to wonder where the money goes, if not on the things of most value, like the welfare of the wildlife, and the magnificent art which has impressed so many people for so long! For this pic, I used the Orton filter, the HDR filter, and used the postage stamp frame with a brown background to make it look somewhat like an old photo. I used the rounded corner feature, and colored the backround pink, to make it look like the photo holders from the 1950's. I airbrushed the V shapes into the corners, and finished it off with a drop shadow on a khaki background. The V shapes were by far the hardest things I did, and while I wasn't perfectly satisfied with them, sometimes it's best to leave well enough alone and stop before you completely muff it up! For the most part, I was satisfied with the pic. The plaque telling about the sculpture is below.
Hertig Customized metal pens & wooden Boxes
Hertig Customized metal pens & wooden Boxes
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metal photo holders