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Ft Upright Freezer

ft upright freezer
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ft upright freezer - 17 Cu.
17 Cu. Ft. Upright Freezer (Twin)
17 Cu. Ft. Upright Freezer (Twin)
The FPUH19D7LF Frigidaire Professional 19 Cu. Ft. All Freezer creates a sleeker, built-in look with the matching companion All-Refrigerator model FPRH19D7LF and Double Louvered Trim Kit (located under the Accessories tab). APPEARANCEBrushed Stainless Steel FinishStainless Steel HandleGrey CabinetHidden HingeCAPACITY18.6 Cu Ft CapacityFREEZER COMPARTMENT3 SpaceWise™ Glass Shelves1 Full Width Mid-Level Wire BasketSpaceWise™ Organization System1 Full Width Bottom Wire BasketFREEZER DOOR2 Full Width Gallon Door Bins5 Clear Half Width Liter BinsCONVENIENCE FEATURESTemperature AlarmPower Failure AlarmPro-Select™ ControlsDoor Ajar AlarmChild LockFactory Installed Ice MakerInterior LightTemperature Display- Centigrade/ FarenheitSabbath ModeADDITIONAL FEATURESCoordinate w Companion All-Refrigerator FPRH19D7LFSingle Louvered Trim Kit (TRIMKITEZ1)Double Louvered Trim Kit (TRIMKITEZ2)ENERGY/POWEREnergy Star®MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY1 Year Limited Parts and LaborDIMENSIONS71 3/8" H x 26 1/2" D x 32" W

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Upright piano
Upright piano
This upright piano was a last minute cake for a funneral, Annie was the name of the woman who has died and she would've been 99 years old Monday if she hadn't passed away,, but she loved to play piano and was well known in the village community for doing this, her favorite song "Bless you.......(something, something). So instead of getting flowers they wanted to celebrate her life with a cake. So here's "Grannie-Annies" upright piano cake, God bless
141:365 Dear Brand New Freezer, I <3 You
141:365 Dear Brand New Freezer, I <3 You
So this isn't the freezer I initially ordered. The one I initially ordered was a 24 c foot chest freezer that arrived at Lowes caved in. *sad face* So I got this as a replacement. It's 21 c ft and an upright. NOW the guessing game begins. How much space will I have after I put a whole processed hog and two whole processed lambs in this thing?

ft upright freezer
ft upright freezer
Thermo Scientific Revco Elite Upright -40° Freezers; 13.4 cu ft, 115V
Upright Freezers feature low profile design. Positive open cam latch on door gently releases vacuum for convenient one-hand opening; positive magnetic closure ensures a tight seal against the double independent door gaskets, minimizing frost buildup. The door has a minimum of 3.5" of CFC-free, high-density insulation. To minimize cold air loss when door is opened, upright freezers include five subsection doors with positive magnetic latches. Outer door latch has integral key lock for security. Freezers include: 115 VAC models include a 16 A plug with 5-20P NEMA configuration; 208/230 VAC models have a 8.5 A plug with 6-15P NEMA configuration; 220 VAC models have a European configuration.