Mixed baby with blue eyes : When can a baby have cereal

Mixed Baby With Blue Eyes

mixed baby with blue eyes
    blue eyes
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Lemon, a Siamese or Siamese Mix Kitten ~ Perfect, Beautiful, Friendly
Lemon, a Siamese or Siamese Mix Kitten ~ Perfect, Beautiful, Friendly
He definitely is NOT a Lemon, but that is his name at Heartland Humane Society. I imagine it will be all of 5 minutes or so before he is adopted. He is precious, sweet, calm, beautiful, friendly...just perfect as far as I could see. Please let Lemon help to serve as a reminder of the thousands of pets across our nation (and even beyond) that need forever homes. They come in so many varieties and colors and personalities. Almost every one of them would give you unconditional love. They would think YOU were precious, sweet, calm, beautiful & friendly and just perfect. Wouldn't it be nice to have a pet think of YOU that way? (8443lemonsiameseorsiamesemixpefectkitten)
Tabby Half 'n Half, with Timmy 1 Eye & Sassy - 3 Kittens
Tabby Half 'n Half, with Timmy 1 Eye & Sassy - 3 Kittens
The tabby is Half 'n Half. The little white Siamese looking mix with pale blue eyes is Sassy. I want to make clear the the little black piece of fluff that is probably Sassy's brother has no apparent blindness and no eye missing. He is a cutie. I think his name is Timmy. I only dubbed him Timmy 1 Eye, because it seemed no matter which angle I used for my pictures, he always had only 1 eye showing. Timmy and Sassy appear to be from one litter and Half 'n Half seems a bit older and larger. These three kitties were at Heartland Humane Society. (IMG_1018halfnhalfsassytimmy1teye)

mixed baby with blue eyes
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