Comparing Ancients

Here are a few miscellaneous pictures comparing ancients ranges.
1st up are Gauls and Spanish.

Spanish:      Corvus Belli               Chariot                      Gladiator  (new)                      Xyston                         Corvus Belli
I'd call them all reasonably compatible.
The new Gladiator sculpts are a bit too hefty.
Xyston's thick base makes it look bigger than it is.

Gauls                              Corvus Belli                  Navigator                   Xyston (note the 1mm thick base)

                    Hoplites                                  Peltast                     Gaul                      Persian                     Indian                          Macedonian
Here's a series of Xyston sculpts over time, There is a small but steady scale creep. These are all still reasonably sized as I didn't buy any of the really big later Macedonian and Republican Roman sculpts.