List of Fantasy Ranges


This is a list of all currently manufactured 15mm fantasy ranges. 
I have also included a few 10mm ranges which are particularly useful.
I recently got hold of some long Out of Production ranges.  Makes sense to include them now that I have pictures to show. I'll add more if I pick up any on ebay.

 15mm Fantasy Ranges



Source and Pics

Alternative Armies


Apart from the usual, the range has a nice collection of larger creatures and a dogmen army. They comprise a large part of my Dwarf army. They are slowly adding figures from the Tabletop range.

10 Sep 08 - The TTF range is up to Dwarves, Humans,  Lizardmen and some monsters

US source and pics

UK source and pic

Armies of Arcana

by Lone Gunman

(originally by Thane Games)

Unique wolfen, snakemen and demons, sculpted mainly by Sandra Garrity and all very nice. On the large side but no matter since they aren't humans. 

May 09 – Lone Gunman has just put them up for sale but the site is not fully operational yet.

US source & pics

US pics

Black Raven Foundry


Rather nice, largish figures sold in packs of ~40. Their huge Lizardmen are very nice and their Character Packs are quite useful for ....ermmm... characters.

US source and pics

Blood Dawn or Shadow Corp

by Reaper

The sculpts are very large for 15mm but some, like the lizardmen, are very nice if you can fluff away the size. Pics of the Dwarves in the Dwarf Comparison page

US pics

UK source and pics


@ Magister Militum

A large range with lots of unusual sculpts including Duckmen and Egyptian mythical animal headed men. Plus they have a huge range of Ancients as well. This is the manufacturer I would recommend if you want to single source.

UK source and pics

Conquista by

Highlander Studios

A brand new line of figures. For now just a few Conquistadwarves which gives a hint of what the whole line is about.

US source & pics

Dragon Fantasy by Warrior

Haven't seen any of the figures so I can't say much.

UK source and pics (gallery)

East Riding

Some unique figures like the Rhinomen, lionmen and a rather nice range of frogmen.

US source and pics

UK source and pics


Only seen a few packs and those look fine if a bit dated. Still it's Essex, how far wrong can you be?

UK source and pics


Most excellent sculpts. Sadly the Wood Elves and Dwarves are very large, the Elves being 20mm to the eyes. The Orcs and Half-Orcs are perfect though and very middle-earth.

10 Sep 08 - New Humans and Wood Elves which are 18mm, i.e. contemporary 15mm.

Aust source and pics

Evil Gong

Lots of unique sculpts though the castings are not the best. But where else can you get squidmen, elephantmen and fishmen amongst other strange creatures.

Aust source and pics


@ Mirliton

Mirliton has just brought back to life this much missed line. Starting with Skellies and Dwarves. They are only very slowly expanding the range so go and buy more so they will speed up reviving more of this line.

Italian source and pics

UK source


Another range with lots of variety. The sculpts are sometimes a little basic. But I have some of their Orcs and they really did "paint up well.

UK source and pics


Old but quite decent figures. I got some in a misc lot off ebay and pics can be found on the Comparing Orcs page.

UK source

Mighty Armies

@ Rebel Minis

The only source of reindeer cavalry in 15mm ... or any scale as far as I know. Nov '07 - Rebel Minis has taken over this line. They also have some Greys and zombie dogs that might be useful.

US source and pics

MY Miniatures

I just came across this range so know next to nothing about it. Look under Warriors of the Late Ice Age for a long list of strange creatures and under Fantasy for a few miscellaneous figures. They appear to only accept UK cheques and cash so ordering might be a bit inconvenient

UK source and pics


15mm Dwarves, Goblins and Lizardmen amongst their more numerous 10mm stuff. Haven’t seen any of their 15mm stuff.

UK source and pics

Peter Pig

The highlight is the Gnomes of which I have a small selection. They also have flying carpets.

UK source and pics

Splintered Light

Splintered Light is turning into the premier source of 15mm fantasy figures. The sculpts, by Bob Olley and Sandra Garrity, are of uniformly high quality. Starting with an infinite variety of beastmen including cat, hyena, bear and badger, they have added lots more unique sculpts including a array of skeletons, Goblins and Dark Dwarves together with all manner of strange creatures.

The range keeps expanding so keep look frequently.

US source and pics

Tin Soldier

The style may not to be to everyones taste but I think it works in fantasy. I especially like their Aztecs. The Goblins and Orcs are pretty nice as well. The low low price is a bonus.

UK source

Historical Pics



by Ral Partha

Long OOP line but also still very much in demand on ebay. If you want some you can try Jim at who has quite a lot available

Comparing Ral Partha

Comparing Orcs


A huge range of very nice figures. Sold in large packs and at a premium price. OOP as of Sep '06 and I can't find stocks anywhere as of early 2008.

My Pictures

Rank and File

by Ral Partha

These don't turn up very often anywhere. Another nice range if you can find it. I understand the moulds have been destroyed so these are gone forever.

Comparing Ral Partha

Comparing Orcs

Tabletop Games has a few sculpts for sale, including dwarves, lizardmen, some humans and creatures. I understand there is a lot more to this range that is not available.

UK source and pic

My pics


by Grenadiers

Another long OOP but still very nice sculpts. They show up on ebay, usually at a premium. Mirliton is putting these back into production very slowly.

Comparing Orcs



Small but beautiful range of Horsemen, Orcs, Goblins which are very suitable for LOTR. I spend a fair amount of time admiring them and wishing they were done in 15mm. All is not lost as the wolves are usable in 15mm and I can use the Orcs as Goblins.

UK source and pics



Decent range of Centaurs, Orcs, Lizardmen and Goblins. Tom of GFI sent me a pack of the full range, just click the link of the left menu to see the pics.

US source and pics

Games Workshop

From their Warmaster range. Relatively expensive but your 10mm army will match your 28mm figures.

UK source and pics


Many of the sculpts are the same as Pendraken except that they are based in strips.

UK source and pics


Huge range of figures, all individually based. I have some pics in the Goblin and Contraptions comparison pages. I found many of the packs useful as smaller counterparts in 15mm. The beastmen for example pretend to be satyrs in my White Witch army. Some like the Ratmen are pretty close to full sized 15mm figures.

UK source and pics



Black Hat Minatures

Their Martian Empires range has a few very suitable figures, especially the flying and floating brains called Cephalods,  the Imperial Martians and creatures under Extras. Many figures would work straight out of the pack, others need a little work removing sci-fi weapons ... unless you want them of course.

10 Sep 08 - Black Hat bought the Gladiator range with a very useful range of Ancients. 

UK source and pics

Firestone Studios

Just a single bug sculpt for now, but more to come.

US source & pics

Green Eyed Minis

Yetis, “Ewoks”. armoured worms and small terror birds. 15mm figures but they are quite small, ranging from 10mm to 17mm tall.

UK source & pics


They don't actually do 15mm fantasy but their 15mm sci fi Space Demons and 15mm Mystri Island Getinmahbeli are both useful. They also have a very nice 15mm ancients range.

US source and pics

Mississinewa Miniatures

Look under Bugs and Vermin

US source & pics

Pole Bitwy

So new that the site has just 1 page, but he promises a wide range of stuff suitable for fantasy like Demons, bugs, floaters, desert nomads and centauroids. There is a little taste on that one page.

Source & pics



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