15mm Fantasy Miniatures

A place for everything concerning 15mm fantasy miniatures and games ... or at least everything concerning my 15mm fantasy miniatures and my games that I bother to put up here:-)

Visit the 15mm Fantasy Ranges page that list every current manufacturer of 15mm fantasy figures and a few OOP and 10mm ranges as well. The page provides links to sources and pictures where available.

If you are looking for a specific fantasy army, take a look at What's Where. You'll find a little table listing the manufacturers that supply each of the most common fantasy races. I hope to expand this to include more detail eventually.

There is also a series of comparison pictures with side by sides of many popular 15mm ranges.

Please visit Of Unknown Origin and help me identify these miniatures I have collected from ebay.

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External Links
Amazons (Ruler scale may be off)
 Individual Ranges

GFI 10mm
Ral Partha
Tin Soldier

  A few ancients figures

Of Unknown Origin

Hope you enjoy it.

This is the 3rd home of my 15mm fantasy page. It used to live, and remnants still reside at the tripod site.

25 Oct  2009
  • The Demonworld pictures are complete. The Ishak and Dark Elf picturesare all up now, for thoise who have been waiting patiently.
8 Sep 2009
  • All the Demonworld pictures are up. Missing a few here and there and missing a huge chunk of the Ishak range. If anyone has pictures please contact me. I am 15mmfantasy on googles gmail.
23 Aug 2009
  • Began the process of uploading the full range of Demonworld pictures. The Dark Elves are up, the rest should be completed by the end of the week
18 Aug 2009
  • Added a table of races available from each manufacturer under What's Where.
  • Added a Xyston picture under comparing ancients
  • Added Comparing Animals
  • Added Comparing Tin Soldier
29 May 2009
  • Updated the Fantasy Ranges page with 15mm sci-fi ranges with figures suitable for 15mm fantasy and a new fantasy range, Conquista  by Highland Studios.
13 May 2009
  • Added more stuff to Comparing Orcs
  • Added a page of my Unknown Miniatures
11 May 2009
  • Added my TerraNewt, my Goblin Wolfriders and my Shadow Goblin armies and updated my Dwarves
  • Added a Goblin Comparison page and updated Orcs Comparison page .
  • Added MY Miniatures to the Fantasy Ranges page.
  • Still have a few more comparison pics to post as well as my various Orc and Snake Lords armies.

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AA and Chariot dwarves
Pendraken contraptions

Shadow Goblins
A small force supported by Spiders

Goblin Wolfriders
Over 200 wolves
in this BOFA goblin army

Inspired by Dragonewts

The White Witch

Still unfinished after years
Bears, misc humanoids and Minotaurs