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Oriental Rug Importers

oriental rug importers
    oriental rug
  • An authentic oriental rug is a handmade carpet that is either knotted with pile or woven without pile. Oriental-design rugs made by machine, made through hand-tufting or any method other than hand-knotting or hand-weaving are not considered authentic oriental rugs.
  • Handwoven or hand knotted rugs native to the Middle or Far East available in many patterns and known for their colorations. Many machine-made rugs, made using Oriental rug designs, are also referred to as Oriental rugs.
  • (importer) someone whose business involves importing goods from outside (especially from a foreign country)
  • (Importer) The term "import" is derived from the conceptual meaning as to bring in the goods and services into the port of a country.
  • (Importer (computing)) An importer is a software application that reads in a data file or metadata information in one format and converts it to another format via special algorithms (such as filters).
oriental rug importers - Downtown Ladies:
Downtown Ladies: Informal Commercial Importers, a Haitian Anthropologist and Self-Making in Jamaica (Women in Culture and Society)
Downtown Ladies: Informal Commercial Importers, a Haitian Anthropologist and Self-Making in Jamaica (Women in Culture and Society)
The Caribbean “market woman” is ingrained in the popular imagination as the archetype of black womanhood in countries throughout the region. Challenging this stereotype and other outdated images of black women, Downtown Ladies offers a more complex picture by documenting the history of independent international traders—known as informal commercial importers, or ICIs—who travel abroad to import and export a vast array of consumer goods sold in the public markets of Kingston, Jamaica.

Both by-products of and participants in globalization, ICIs operate on multiple levels and, since their emergence in the 1970s, have made significant contributions to the regional, national, and global economies. Gina Ulysse carefully explores how ICIs, determined to be self-employed, struggle with government regulation and other social tensions to negotiate their autonomy. Informing this story of self-fashioning with reflections on her own experience as a young Haitian anthropologist, Ulysse combines the study of political economy with the study of individual and collective identity to reveal the uneven consequences of disrupting traditional class, color, and gender codes in individual societies and around the world.

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Oriental Rug Persian Kashan
Oriental Rug Persian Kashan
This rug is hand-knotted in or near the city of Kashan. It measures 9'8" x 5'. The pile is wool and the foundation is cotton. It's age is estimated to be 25 -30 years. It is in very good condition. If you have a question please contact me thru flickr mail or just leave it in comments.
Shalom Brothers
Shalom Brothers
Shalom Brothers Inc. is one of the world's most innovative importer and manufacturer of fine handmade oriental rugs. USA headquarters is located in midtown Manhattan New York, with showroom in Atlanta, and international design and production operations in China, India, and Pakistan.

oriental rug importers
oriental rug importers
Complying with TSCA Inventory Requirements: A Guide with Step-by-Step Processes for Chemical Manufacturers, Processors, and Importers
As the window of time for bringing new chemical products to market continues to narrow, it is increasingly essential that the process of commercialization (bringing a chemical from an R&D lab to the market as a product) be completed as quickly as possible. Complying with TSCA Inventory Requirements is a how-to book that succinctly delivers the relevant information about the Environmental Protection Agency’s Toxic Substances Control Act to chemistry professionals working in a corporate environment. Author Chan Thanawalla provides step-by-step directions for meeting TSCA regulations, vastly simplifying the compliance process for any professional responsible for these procedures in the chemical industry.
The hallmark of the book is its description of the textual and schematic processes used to check TSCA inventory compliance of chemicals for a variety of chemical operations. In addition to this vital, practical information, the author includes a history of how TSCA has evolved over the past twenty-five years with a discussion of specific TSCA provisions that avoids, wherever possible, cumbersome legal jargon in favor of easy-to-understand explanation. Complying with TSCA Inventory Requirements also contains all the necessary EPA forms, instruction manuals, and guidance documents that may be needed to secure the compliance, including:
-Notice of Commencement Form (EPA Form 7710-56)
-PreManufacture Notice (PMN) Form (EPA Form 7710-25)
-PMN and NOC Instruction Manual
-Polymer Exemption Guidance Manual
Complying with TSCA Inventory Requirements promises to streamline the standardization process of compliance like never before.

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