Laying Carpet Video - 9 X 12 Rugs.

Laying Carpet Video

laying carpet video
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Michelle Maylene From AVN Live
Michelle Maylene From AVN Live
She's the alluring hostess of a live show on AVN - the Adult Video Network - who was broadcasting- and also posing a lot for us with our cameras and protruding lenses (don't have to be Freud to see the symbolism there) - here on the red carpet - well, actually, about ten minutes before two tattooed kind of grumpy overworked young guys with spikey hair laid down the red carpet and backdrop of logos - of the XRCO Awards, the X-Rated Critics Organzation- in which great gaggles of vivacious young porn stars and some less so arrived and paraded and carried on as we snapped away here at the Highlands club on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California, a little town under a big sign in the West Coast of America.
231/365 All done
231/365 All done
Today was a busy day but we got our deliverable out on time - a huge general contract for tender on my project. We rang the gong as I rushed to the mail drop 15 minutes before the pick up. So tired. Tomorrow we are going to reward the team. It should be fun. In the meantime, I wont be able to play around online for a couple of weeks much since our American houseguest Jimmy couldn't comprehend that we have limited bandwidth. There is no such thing as unlimited internet here. Instead of streaming videos, etc, he was downloading through a bittorrent and forgot to block uploading...nights at a time. It doesn't refresh until April 6th. Grr

laying carpet video
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